Last fall, the city developer Avenyfamiljen acquired the well-known bank property at the corner Sprängkullsgatan and Lilla Bergsgatan, near Skanstorget in Gothenburg and next door to the School of Business. Now it is clear what kind of business it will be here: FOMO, a unique hotel on the plot up against Nilssonsberg and a restaurant cluster.

The property today houses the Nordic region's largest bank vault and the entrance to the hotel will be via the vault.

"On top of the vault there will be built a stunningly beautiful building inspired by the expressive brick architecture that has made old neighborhoods so popular. Therefore, considerable care must be taken to make the building beautiful," says Tobias Hamberg.

The hotel is planned to be 16 floors high, with 200 rooms. The hotel has a large park garden with orangery, pool and place for yoga under the trees. The project also includes a restaurant cluster in the properties' existing buildings at street level, premises which previously had other activities, including the bank.

Avenyfamiljen is careful to emphasize that this is an unusual hotel in many ways:

"There will be no conference areas because companies are not the primary target group, we turn to "creative minds" and world citizens. A rooftop bar and restaurant with fantastic views at the top of the property invites the entire city's inhabitants."

The architects behind the hotel's design are Okidoki, which is well-acquainted with the area and has its own office at Skanstorget.

"It is possible to build beautifully despite the fact that houses are high, but unfortunately this is not done today. We want to create architecture that is based on beauty and joy and therefore we are inspired more by craft-based brick architecture from Vasastan or Chicago than by smooth surfaces. People should like what we draw so that the building becomes a new icon and landmark in Gothenburg," says Rikard Stark at Okidoki.