This is the largest modular apartment building development in Finland and the main contractor and builder for the project is the Estonian house factory.

“Modular buildings are manufactured up to 50 percent faster and with better quality compared to buildings constructed entirely on site. In the Baltic states, Astel has the longest experience in manufacturing timber houses. Leading a project of this scale will be a great chance to show the real estate developers the benefits that prefabricated modular construction can create,” says Raul Kinks, CEO of Astel.
When manufacturing modular buildings, up to 95 percent of the construction work, including tiling and installing a kitchen, can be finished in the house factory. Controlled factory environment and regular modular quality control allow us to ensure the high quality of the buildings. Work on the construction site doesn’t take long which means that there is less disturbance for residents and the process is more eco-friendly.
Besides manufacturing modules, the main contractor Astel also takes care of architectural planning and engineering, landscaping, building a foundation and infrastructure.
The project initiator and developer is Icon real estate fund. Icon is currently developing eight real estate projects in Finland using modular construction in several of their new developments. Icon Kristalli Ilves project is located in Riihimäki, providing an opportunity for hundreds of families to acquire a home in a new development.

The Icon Kristalli Ilves project will be fully completed in 2020.