The acquisition will help to strengthen Hemfosa’s position in the Finnish market for community service properties and as a landlord for Finnish municipalities. Hemfosa has acquired a property in which the school operator Omnia, which is owned by three municipalities, conducts adult education. The property is centrally located in the Tapiola district of Espoo in the Helsinki area. The fully leased property has a long lease agreement and a leasable area of 7,100 sqm. Annual rental income amounts to MEUR 1.3, corresponding to approximately MSEK 13.8. Ownership of the property was transferred at June 19, 2019.

“I am pleased with this transaction, which has enabled us to acquire an attractive school property in a prime location in the Helsinki area. The acquisition strengthens Hemfosa’s position as a landlord for Finnish municipalities, which is important for further growth in community service properties in the country. Hemfosa aims to increase its growth rate in Finland and sees good potential for additional acquisitions moving forward,” comments Anna Alsborger, Head of Transactions of Hemfosa.