The certification system The WELL focuses on the people in buildings, and is based on research based on the fact that people spend 90% of their time inside buildings.

- Through The WELL we want to expand our focus on everyone who works in our buildings. In addition to being an environmental leader, we at Entra will work actively for the vision that Entrabygg is where the most satisfied people work. Then it is extremely exciting to learn more about how we can develop health-promoting buildings through The WELL, says Evija Izaka.

The BREEAM certification system is an environmental certification system of buildings and focuses mainly on technical installations and energy savings. The WELL focuses on people in the buildings and their well-being. The WELL is divided into seven concepts that deal with air, water, nutrition, lighting, exercise, comfort and the health of the mind.

- This is new in Europe, but in line with BREEAM, we believe this will increase focus in the future. We want to be at the forefront and the goal is to implement some of the best and most important concepts from The WELL in our projects, Izaka concludes.