The city council made the decision on Monday.

"We have placed high demands on the buyer and we see that Månsbro Real Estate lives up to them," says Yilmaz Kerimo, chairman of Telge Hovsjö (S).

"The company is a stable, long-term and responsible landlord with a good economy who already owns properties and is engaged in Hovsjö. We had several speculators and we have made an overall assessment that this landlord is best suited from several perspectives, not least for Södertälje's development. We look forward to working with Månsbro Real Estate for the future of Hovsjö."

Even after the sale, Telge Hovsjö will be a significant property owner in Hovsjö and take great responsibility for the district. The focus will continue to be to take responsibility for Södertälje's housing market by building new and increasing the number of homes, but also to work with other property owners to increase security and well-being in the area.

Månsbro Fastigheter AB is the parent company of a group that is wholly owned by Per-Axel and Lars-Åke Månsson. The company owns properties in central Stockholm and in Södertälje. The portfolio consists of commercial properties and rental properties.

"We grew up in Södertälje and besides property ownership we have a solid commitment in the municipality. Our goal is to conduct a very long-term property management in Hovsjö. We have experience and technical knowledge of how the properties work and how we should manage these in the long term to create community and well-being," says Lars-Åke Månsson at Månsbro Fastigheter.

Access for the new owner is scheduled for January 31, 2020.

Six properties are included in the transaction:

Kvarstavägen 1–95

Granövägen 1–13, 14–29, 31, 64–77 and 115–146

Grönkvist alley 19, 21-34, 36, 38 and 40

Gröndalsvägen 4, 16, 20 and 62