AKA is a long-term retail owner with a focus on first-class management of first-class commercial properties. The portfolio that is now sold is good properties with solid tenants and with long contracts.

The year 2019 was characterized by many acquisitions, and AKA grew by a total of 70,500 square meters of commercial land.

"The fact that AKA sells does not change anything compared to AKA being a long-term and active property owner. For us, there is no drama in this, on the contrary," says Investment Manager at AKA, Hallvard Thoresen.

The market may not be as well aware that AKA also sells properties, but with a portfolio size of over 400,000 square meters, this is something the company will do more often in the future.

"Adjusting the portfolio in relation to tenant mix and geography is quite natural when we now own over 220 properties across the country," says general manager Paal Haakensen.

AKA continues to look ahead and wants to make even more profitable investments in good commercial properties by 2020.

We continue to focus on close follow-up and good management of existing properties in the portfolio - a portfolio that is both solid and long-term, and has Norway's largest and most professional trading companies as tenants.

"We want to deliver the goods every day and meet the requirements of Norway's most exciting and demanding tenants," says Rolf Hammerengen, Chief Operating Officer, adding:

"We are proud to have a solid and good portfolio and a strong and good cooperation with Norway's largest retail companies.

The properties are located outside Hønefoss, Gjøvik, Hamar and Elverum.

Broker in the transaction has been Newsec. Lawyer Johannes Sundet has been AKA's legal advisor.