Catena is acquiring parts of the Broby 57:1 and Broby 4:32 properties from the Municipality of Åstorp. On the 25,000 square-metre plot, Catena will build a new 10,800 square-metre distribution center including parts for both refrigerated and frozen goods, as well as a smaller area with offices. Catena has signed a rental agreement for the property with Seafrigo Nordic, with the agreement having a duration of 12 years and an estimated operating surplus of slightly more than SEK 9 million. Seafrigo is an international third-party logistics company that focuses on the handling and storage of food. The new property will have a storage capacity of 25,000 pallets, a large food freezing facility and backup power guaranteeing cooling and operation even in the event of an extended power failure. The plant is certified in accordance with Miljöbyggnad Silver and a photovoltaic cell facility will be installed on the roof. 

“This is an excellent location in which to establish logistics operations and we are pleased that Seafrigo’s successful journey will be able to continue with the further increased capacity offered by the new, efficient and sustainable facility in Åstorp,” says Christoffer Bööj, Business Developer at Catena.

“We want to continue to develop the Nordic market for tempered logistics services and, by cooperating in greater depth with a highly competent player like Catena, we generate even better conditions for succeeding,” says Peter Jönsson, CEO of Seafrigo Nordic.

Construction is scheduled to commence in the summer of 2020 and Seafrigo plans to move in during the spring of 2021.