The property has a strategic location for the Atlas Wall, which focuses on office properties in Stockholm's northern suburbs. With the acquisition, Atlasmuren strengthens its presence in Solna, where the company already owns both the neighboring property Styckjunkaren 2 / Solna Point and the property Laboratoriet 5.

The property is environmentally certified according to BREEAM In-Use, which is in line with Atlasmuren's ambition to certify its entire property portfolio.

"We see great coordination advantages in owning both 'Solna Point' and the new acquisition 'The Block', whose name we intend to change to 'Solna Block'. We work long-term in close collaboration with our tenants and offer them modern offices with a strong identity. Styckjunkaren 3 was built in 1974 in a peculiarly brutalist style for Swedish Shell with large open planes and for that time unusually high ceiling height and is a good addition and complement to our existing portfolio," says Atlasmuren's CEO Marlene Åkerberg.

Wistrands, PWC and Projektengagemang were Atlasmuren's advisors during the transaction.