The zero CO2 certification has been developed by the Sweden Green Building Council (SGBC). For a new building to achieve the certification, it must demonstrate a net-zero climate impact for the entire life cycle chain of 50 years, from the extraction of raw materials to the final handling of building materials. A very demanding standard that will be a step on the way towards Sweden's goal of climate neutrality in 2045.


The quartet will be completed in Hyllie in 2023 and had high climate and environmental goals right from the start. Within the framework of LFM30, a local initiative to drive and develop a climate-neutral building and construction sector in Malmö, focus was placed on reducing the climate impact through, for example, efforts in the building's construction, where green alternatives of concrete and reinforcing steel replaced traditional products.


– The work with ZeroCO2-certifying the Quartet has been a bit of detective work where we ourselves, suppliers and subcontractors have done our utmost to find alternatives with a lower climate impact in every detail. As a result, new efficient systems and climate-neutral products have been developed. Actions that contribute to the real estate and construction industry reducing its climate impact, says Rickard Berlin, project manager at Wihlborgs.


In addition to the Quartet, Wihlborgs has two registered NollCO2 projects and another one under planning.


– Sustainability certification is a sought-after quality stamp. Just over four out of five Swedes describe themselves as environmentally and climate conscious, and many want to both live and work in a certified building. SGBC is happy about the collaboration with Wihlborgs. Together, we have an important role in the work towards a climate-neutral construction and property sector, says Lotta Werner Flyborg, CEO of the Sweden Green Building Council.


– Setting requirements in procurement and other purchases are important control tools when it comes to bringing about change. Although we have a long way to go to achieve the overall goals of climate neutrality, we need to strive to make a difference in every small step. The climate calculations and balances we make in a process like this will make it easier for ourselves, for contractors and for our customers to make better decisions in future projects, says Ulrika Hallengren, CEO of Wihlborgs.