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HUI Research: The Sun Is Setting on Swedish Retail

The cycle for the Swedish economy has peaked and we are currently witnessing the sunset of the economic boom. It is the overall picture that is emerging for both the retail and the Swedish economy as a whole, according to HUI Research. The European situation is shaky and the Italian economy is already in recession. Household concerns also have increased following the Riksbank's raise of the interest rate in December.

The State of Swedish Retail and Shopping Centers

In 2016, the sales growth in shopping centers and retail areas was summarized to 4.0 percent. Meanwhile the interest in establishing new retail areas is cooling off, which can be a sign of recession. “It’s most likely not a hack in the curve this time, we believe that we have reached a peak and it will slow down going forth. We will see a negative development of the project volume,” says Tobias Rönnberg, Analyst at HUI Research.