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Cromwell: ”Logistics Will Continue to Be Strong”

Nordic — Sofia Sandh, Investment Manager, Cromwell Property Group Sweden, on the future need in the real estate sector, and why the office space has to increase, despite the recent Covid-19 outbreak with people working from home.

Brunswick Real Estate: “The Sustainable Angle Is Going to Dominate the Market”

Nordic — Patrik Andersson, CEO of Brunswick Real Estate, shares his forecast on future requirments of investments the Nordic real estate market.

The Finnish Residential Market to Recover After the Pandemic

Finland Finland — Jani Nieminen, CEO of Kojamo: “Things will normalize soon; international players are here and will provide color to the Finnish market.”

Blackbrook’s CEO on the Future of Real Estate in the Nordics

Nordic — Arvi Luoma, CEO of Blackbrook Capital, on which segments that will go strong in the Nordics going forward, and why it will be more attractive to being in the office in the future, despite working from home today.

Why the Swedish Giants Are Looking for Investments – in Norway

Norway Norway — Bård Bjølgerud on last week’s major retail deal, the liquid Norwegian property market, and what will happen next among the real estate players.

The Great Investment Opportunities in Iceland

Nordic — Styrmir Bjartur Karlsson, Managing Director, Croisette Iceland: “If you own land, you are basically sitting on gold.”

The Global Investors About to Return to the Nordics

Nordic — Colin Waddell, Managing Director in the Nordics at CBRE on how the Nordic countries perform on the investment market, the segments that attracts investors, and which country that will bounce back after the crisis.

Nordic Property Day – New Conference on Investing in the Nordics

Nordic — Mark the 3rd of June in your calendar. That’s the date for the first ever edition of the meeting point Nordic Property Day – your guide to successful investing in the Nordics.