Largest Finnish Transactions in 2017

Finland Finland — 2017 was an intense transaction year for all the Nordic countries. With the year in the books Nordic Property News can present a list of the largest transactions in all four countries - today we look east to Finland.

YIT Builds in Tampere

Finland Finland — YIT to construct rental apartments worth approximately EUR 50 million in the capital region and in Tampere.

YIT and Hartela to Construct Service Centre in Helsinki

Finland Finland — The construction of the property project for local service centre Hertsi located in Herttoniemi, Helsinki, developed by YIT and Hartela, will start in January 2018. YIT and Hartela will realise the project as a consortium with equal 50/50 shares.

YIT Leases in Commercial Centre in Tikkurila

Finland Finland — A major part of the office properties of the commercial centre Dixi, located at the Tikkurila railway station, has been leased. YIT completed the sales transaction of the second phase office properties to Etera Mutual Pension Insurance Company in December.

Otavamedia Oy to lease office spaces at YIT’s Tripla

Finland Finland — The first significant long-term tenancy of the office spaces at the Pasila urban centre Tripla has been signed with Otavamedia Oy. The lease agreement covers over 6,000 square metres on four different floors of the Tripla middle block, including a photo studio.

Regenero on the Acqusition of Fortum’s HQ – and their Plans for the Building

Finland Finland — Regenero made a big splash when they acquired Fortum’s iconic headquarters in Espoo in the Helsinki area. But the acquisition is just one step in the process of creating something big, Regenero’s Chairman Juha Kostiainen tells Nordic Property News.

YIT Starts the Construction of New Apartment Buildings

Finland Finland — YIT starts self-developed apartment building projects with the value of approximately EUR 45M in total. Three out of four projects are located in Finland.

Peab Divests its Holdings in Lemminkäinen

Finland Finland — Peab has announced that it has divested its entire holding in Lemminkäinen Corporation.

YIT to Construct Apartment Building Project

Finland Finland — YIT starts the construction of an apartment building project in Vermonniitty, Espoo, in Finland.

YIT and Lemminkäinen Merger Approved

Finland Finland — The FIN-FSA has approved YIT's and Lemminkäinen's merger prospectus and granted exemption from the obligation to publish listing prospectus.

Office Property Sold in Helsinki

Finland Finland — A property company owned by YIT Ahlström Capital and HGR Property Partners has signed a contract on the sale of the Kasarmikatu 21 office property to an international investor.

YIT Starts Several Building Projects

Finland Finland — YIT starts the construction of apartment building projects in Kuninkaantammi, Helsinki and Mankkaa, Espoo. The combined value of the projects is approximately EUR 25M and each project will comprise approximately 50 apartments.

YIT Closes Agreement in Helsinki

Finland Finland — The closing of the agreement to implement the hotel for YIT’s Tripla project in Central Pasila, Helsinki, Finland has been secured after the conditions for the agreement were met.

YIT to Construct Apartments Worth EUR 35M

Finland Finland — YIT constructs rental and right-of-occupancy apartments worth approximately EUR 35M in the Helsinki metropolitan area and other Finnish growth centres for different parties.

YIT Sells for EUR 10M and Builds for EUR 35M

Finland Finland — YIT sells 60 apartments to Icecapital and has signed a pre-agreement with the same company to construct approximately 200 new apartments.

YIT to Construct Apartments Worth EUR 13M

Finland Finland — YIT has signed agreements on the construction of three residential projects in the capital region in Finland for a housing fund.

YIT to Construct Terminal for Posti in Vantaa

Finland Finland — YIT has signed a contract with Posti to carry out a terminal project in Viinikkala, Vantaa, Finland. The construction of the terminal property of 26,000 square metres is intended to begin in March and it will be completed in summer 2018.

YIT to Sell in Vantaa

Finland Finland — YIT has signed an agreement to sell an office and logistics property to be constructed in Viinikkala, Vantaa, to Aberdeen European Balanced Property Fund, which is managed by Aberdeen Asset Management.

Regenero Has Acquired its First Property in Otaniemi

Finland Finland — Regenero, a joint venture formed by YIT and HGR Property Partners, has acquired a property in Otaniemi, Espoo, for a development project.

YIT Starts Construction of Project in Tampere

Finland Finland — YIT starts the construction of Ranta-Tampella area development project in Tampere, Finland. The first phase to be constructed is Asunto Oy Tampereen Näsinkeula apartment building with 37 apartments which is part of Keulakortteli city block. The value of the building is almost EUR 20 million. Keulakortteli will consist of five housing co-operatives and it is tentatively estimated to be completed by 2022.

YIT to Construct New Logistics Centre in Vantaa

Finland Finland — YIT has signed a contract with Wihuri to carry out a new logistics centre project for Wihuri Oy Aarnio. The office and logistics property of 25,000 square metres is located in K3 Logistics business area, developed by YIT, in Viinikkala, Vantaa, Finland between the Ring Rail Line, Ring III and Runway 3. Due to its central location and a diverse selection of plots, the area offers opportunities for large logistics solutions.

YIT Sells Apartments Worth Over EUR 35M

Finland Finland — YIT has signed agreements on the sale of around 190 apartments to investors. The apartments will come to rental use and are located in different parts of Finland. The total value of the agreements is over EUR 35M.

Sato's CFO Esa Neuvonen is Leaving the Company

Finland Finland — After seven years at Sato the company’s CFO Esa Neuvonen leaves to join YIT Corporation. Esa Neuvonen will serve as CFO at YIT. He will start in his new position by the end of the year.

YIT Sells to Ålandsbanken’s Funds

Finland Finland — YIT has agreed to sell approximately 60 apartments and selected plots to Ålandsbanken’s funds. The total value of the agreements is close to € 20 M.

YIT to construct apartments for OP-Vuokratuotto fund

Finland Finland — YIT and OP-Vuokratuotto non-UCITS Fund have signed pre-agreements on the construction of four non-subsidized residential projects for rental use. The total value of the agreements is over € 25 M, and the projects will comprise nearly 180 rental apartments.