In a strategic location between Gothenburg and Borås, close to Gothenburg Landvetter Airport, a completely new city for at least 25,000 inhabitants will be built starting in 2020. Landvetter Södra Utveckling AB has now decided on the six builders who together with the company and Härryda municipality will develop Landvetter Southern - a modern, international, innovative and human city.

"The interest in Landvetter Södra (South Landvetter) is great, which is extremely fun. After a long and thorough process with many interesting and competent players who have shown interest, it is fantastic to have landed in the six companies we have now selected. We can now begin the exciting work of realizing and visualizing for the unique city we want to create with the people in the center," says Maria Ådahl, CEO of Landvetter Södra Utveckling AB.

The selected builders are:
• GBJ Bygg AB
• Riksbyggen economic association
• Serneke Projektstyrning AB and Semrén & Månsson Arkitekter
• Skanska Sverige AB and BoKlok Housing AB
• Veidekke Bostad AB
• Wallenstam AB

Large focus in the selection has been on the companies' ambition and competence to build sustainably in line with Agenda 2030, innovative, international and human in harmony with nature. Landvetter Södra is, by the government, designated as one of nine interesting urban development projects in Sweden. The ambition is to become an example and part of a national world exhibition for sustainable urban construction from scratch.

"We are extremely proud and feel confident with this decision on the core group that will make national and international impressions in the future urban development by creating Landvetter Södra. In addition to the now chosen builders, several of the other players who have shown interest will be involved in different ways in the future," says Per Vorberg (M), Chairman of the Board Landvetter Södra Utveckling AB.

The next step is to form a consortium to put together the strategy and plan for the work to develop the first stage of Landvetter Södra. To begin with, it is 15 hectares, with mixed buildings but mainly housing, which will be built in close proximity to Landvetter community and Gothenburg Landvetter airport and Airport City. The detailed planning work that is being driven by operations is expected to begin during the third and fourth quarters of 2019.

"We have deliberately selected both larger and smaller players with different strength areas in terms of design, choice of materials and innovative approach. Those we have now selected will contribute with both long-term, stability and dynamic working methods," says Patrik Linde (S), Vice Chairman Landvetter Södra Utveckling AB.