Peter Broström, Head of Nordics at Savills IM. Savills IM started their new European Food Retail Fund by acquiring 38 properties from Rema 1000 in Denmark.

Savills IM's Nordic Goals for the Hot Segment

Nordic — Savills IM launches a new supermarket property fund – and makes its first acquisition with a major purchase in Denmark. Peter Broström, Head of Nordics at Savills IM, tells Nordic Proeprty News about the large investment, why people believe in supermarket properties and where in the Nordic region they look at investments.
Which transactions were the biggest in Sweden in 2020?

The Largest Swedish Transactions in 2020

Sweden Sweden — Nordic Property News lists the largest transactions in Sweden during last year.
Amanda Welander, Head of Research Sweden/Nordics at CBRE.

A Rotation Among the Hottest Swedish Segments

Sweden Sweden — Amanda Welander, Head of Research Sweden & Nordics at CBRE, on the Swedish transaction market in 2020: “The recovery in Sweden has been strong.”
Knut Berget, Akershus Eiendom.

“The Office Sector Remains Attractive Among Many Investors”

Norway Norway — Knut Berget, Partner Transactions at Akershus Eiendom, on the Norwegian transaction year of 2020.
A Citybox to be established in Tromsø.

Eiendomsspar Develops New Hotel in Tromsø

Norway Norway — Citybox and Eiendomsspar have signed an agreement for a new hotel with 346 rooms in Tromsø.
Catena makes additional acquisition in Morgongåva – invests SEK 300 million in new construction for Babyland.

Catena Makes Additional Acquisition in Morgongåva

Sweden Sweden — Catena is investing a further SEK 300 million in the Morgongåva business park after today signing an agreement with Morgongåva Företagspark regarding a new project to construct another e-commerce facility in the area.
Antti Aarnio, Acting CEO of Sato.

Sato Develops Rental Apartments in Kirkkonummi

Finland Finland — Sato and construction company TNRak Oy have signed an agreement on the development of rental apartments in the Vesitorninmäki district in Kirkkonummi.
Lars Rasmussen, CEO of Asset Invest in Denmark.

Why the Danish Market Is More Uncertain Than in Years

Denmark Denmark — After the recent acquisition in Central Copenhagen: Lars Rasmussen, CEO of Asset Invest Denmark, shares market insights and reveals investment targets for 2021.
Johan Lagerdahl.

Here Are Patrizia’s Focus Areas for New Swedish Investments

Sweden Sweden — Patrizia continues to invest heavily in Swedish housing. Johan Lagerdahl, Country Manager and Head of Asset Management for Patrizia, tells Nordic Property News about the latest acquisition in Stockholm, the goals in Sweden and which segments they are interested in.
Which transactions were the biggest in Norway in 2020?

The Largest Norwegian Transactions in 2020

Norway Norway — Nordic Property News lists the largest transactions in Norway during last year.

NRP and Wilfast Sells Santa Maria's Logistics Facility in Kungsbacka

Sweden Sweden — NRP’s Fund VI, together with direct investors and Wilfast have sold a 45.500 sqm logistics facility for approximately SEK 768 million.
Andreas von Hedenberg.

CA Fastigheter Appoints New CEO

Sweden Sweden — CA Fastigheter has appointed Andreas von Hedenberg as new CEO.
Selvaag Bolig

Selvaag Bolig Recruits CFO

Norway Norway — Christopher Brunvoll has been appointed the new CFO for Selvaag Bolig. Currently CEO of Urban Property Management AS, he has previously served as Selvaag Bolig’s chief controller.
Mona Ingbrigtsen.

These Are Oslo's Most Attractive Office Areas

Norway Norway — Oslo Areal continues to grow. Following a new acquisition in central Oslo, CEO Mona Ingbrigtsen tells Nordic Property News about the acquisition, the company's future plans and which are Oslo's most attractive office locations.
Which transactions were the biggest in Finland in 2020?

The Largest Finnish Transactions in 2020

Finland Finland — Nordic Property News lists the largest transactions in Finland during last year.
Janne Eriksson, Managing Director of Cushman & Wakefield in Finland.

The Covid-19 Effects on the Finnish Transaction Market

Finland Finland — Janne Eriksson, Managing Director of Cushman & Wakefield Finland: “Investors switched to waiting mode to see what will be the ‘new normal’ after the pandemic.”
Sander Breugelmans.

This Is Prologis’ New Top Name in Northern Europe

Nordic — Sander Breugelmans has replaced Bram Verhoeven as SVP, Regional Head, Prologis Northern Europe. To Nordic Property News Breugelmans shares the future Nordic targets, and the recent months for the global company.
Morgan Stanley's latest Finnish acquisition. 151 residential units and building rights in Haukilahti, Espoo.

Morgan Stanley: ”We Will Continue to Be an Active Investor in the Nordic Markets”

Finland Finland — Morgan Stanley keeps making moves in the Nordics. After a new major residential acquisition Ulf Pleschiutschnig tells Nordic Property News about Morgan Stanley’s Finnish strategy and the Nordic future for their funds.
Vegastaden in Stockholm.

Patrizia Makes Large Residential Acquisition in Stockholm

Sweden Sweden — Patrizia has acquired a residential development near Stockholm, Sweden, for EUR 62 million from Scandinavian Property Group (SPG), on behalf of a pan-European residential strategy.
Vision image.

CBRE GI Acquires Residential Units for SEK 538 Million

Sweden Sweden — Magnolia Bostad has sold 200 rental residential units in the Västra Ursvik district in Sundbyberg to CBRE Global Investors. The project consists of around 12,500 sqm GFA for accommodation as well as around 300 sqm GFA of commercial premises and 73 garage spaces. The estimated property value upon completion is around SEK 588 million.
Henrik Saxborn, CEO of Castellum.

Castellum Makes Four Acquisitions of Logistics

Sweden Sweden — In a short period of time Castellum Region Öresund has completed a series of acquisitions in Malmö and Helsingborg, at a total acquisition price of approximately SEK 190 million.
Dragana Marina, CBRE Denmark's Head of Research.

Why Denmark Has Performed on the Transaction Market

Denmark Denmark — Dragana Marina, Head of Research at CBRE Denmark, on why the Danish investment market is booming and is more resilient than most other markets. “We do expect another busy year.”
Which transactions were the biggest in Denmark in 2020?

The Largest Danish Transactions in 2020

Denmark Denmark — Nordic Property News lists the largest transactions in Denmark during last year. Record breaking residential deals across the nation.
Marita Loft.

These Are the Focus Areas for Storebrand's New Nordic Real Estate Fund

Nordic — Storebrand has launched its Nordic Real Estate Fund. Marita Loft, CEO of Storebrand Fastigheter, tells Nordic Property News about the new fund: what they will invest in, where they will invest, what size of acquisition they are looking for and how much capital they are looking to invest in total.

Beneficiary Factors for Nordic Real Estate Markets in 2021

Nordic — M&G Real Estate has added a new sector to their Finnish portfolio. After the major residential acquisition from YIT and Ålandsbanken Simon Ellis, Fund Manager at M&G, tells Nordic Property News his views of the Finnish market, the possibility of more Finnish investments going forward and what factors he sees benefitting Nordic real estate in 2021.