Oceana the day after the fire.

NCC gets renewed deal for fire-ravaged water park: "Gratifying step forward"

Sweden Sweden — Five months have passed since the amusement park Liseberg's upcoming water park Oceana in Gothenburg went up in flames. The fire claimed one life and the devastation was great. Niklas Sparw, business area manager, now explains how important it was for NCC to regain the confidence to complete Oceana.
Peter Wallin, CEO Bonava.

Bonava CEO: "Recovery can take time"

Nordic — Bonava sees good opportunities to gradually increase production starts in the second half of 2024 and 2025. This is what CEO Peter Wallin says in the report for the second quarter. But there is one market that looks particularly bright.
Four new properties will be developed in Denmark.

Biggest lease to date – Prisma's expansion takes new leap

Denmark Denmark — Prisma Properties has signed long lease agreements with the low-price player Big Dollar, which thereby continues its extensive expansion in the Danish market. The lease applies to a total of four new stores totaling approximately 13,000 square meters with an annual rental value of DKK 13.1 million, approximately EUR 1.75 million.
Erik Selin, CEO of Balder.

"For Balder, the choice is between everything or nothing"

Nordic — He has hinted at it before. Balder can take many paths forward and nothing seems set in stone for CEO Erik Selin. From being a company that hoards building rights, there is now reasoning about divestments. A direction towards a more rational company, he says when the second quarterly report is presented.
The water park Oceana was planned to open this summer.

Fire-ravaged water park can be inaugurated in 2026 – NCC receives new confidence

Sweden Sweden — At an extra board meeting on July 17, Liseberg's board decided that the water park Oceana in Gothenburg should be rebuilt. Oceana, which suffered extensive damage in a fire in February this year, has been cleared and cleaned during the last quarter. With the board's decision made, a reconstruction is now possible, but the road to a finished project is not straight, and some issues remain to be investigated. NCC, which was in charge of the contract when the fire broke out, is given renewed confidence to rebuild Oceana.
CEO Rutger Arnhult.

Corem strengthens the balance sheet by 93 million

Sweden Sweden — The real estate company Corem Property strengthens its balance sheet by carrying out a directed new issue of SEK 1.020 million, approximately EUR 92.93 million. The subscription price is SEK 9.60 kronor, EUR 0.87, per B share. This is stated in a press release.
Joacim Sjöberg, CEO of Castellum.

"Castellum will never finish selling"

Nordic — On Tuesday, it was time for Castellum, led by CEO Joacim Sjöberg, to report how the company performed during the first half of the year. They are not done with sales, but it's time to open the wallet. Not least when the rentals need a lift.
Christian Fredrixon.

Ten percent down on Cibus management results

Nordic — The real estate company Cibus reports a lower management result during the second quarter, compared to the same period the year before.
Oscar Properties.

Another Oscar Properties company faces bankruptcy

Sweden Sweden — Oscar Properties' liquidator puts yet another subsidiary into bankruptcy.
Tommy Åstrand.

SLP: "The investments bear fruit"

Sweden Sweden — SLP, Swedish Logistic Property, continues forward on the beaten path. For the past five years, the company has acquired one property a month. At the presentation of the second quarter, CEO Tommy Åstrand explains how the expansion affects the company and the strategy when they add new properties to the portfolio.
Daniel Kjørberg Siraj, CEO of Obos.

Obos: "Housing development is performing significantly worse than last year”

Nordic — Obos reported a profit before tax of approximately EUR 77.25 million in the second quarter of 2024, compared to EUR 106.91 million in the same period last year. The result for the first half of the year landed at EUR 74.46 million, compared to EUR 140.14 million last year.
Erik Selin, CEO of Balder.

Balder's management results down in Q2

Nordic — Property company Balder's rental income amounted to EUR 275 million in the second quarter of 2024. The average in Infront's compilation of nine analysts' estimates was EUR 274 million.
Rutger Arnhult, CEO of Corem.

Arnhult: "Corem still have properties worth a few billions for sale"

Sweden Sweden — Rutger Arnhult states that the challenges that Corem had a year ago have now been significantly mitigated and with more rate cuts on the way, he sees a brighter future for both Corem and the sector as a whole. During the company's report presentation on Friday, he highlighted the improved figures during Q2, how the average interest rate for the company has now reached its peak and why there is less pressure to sell as many properties as last year.
Visualization of Paulshöfe.

Bonava sells housing project

Nordic — Bonava is selling a project of 89 rental apartments in Düsseldorf, Germany.
Lager 157 expands in Denmark.

Prisma Properties builds Swedish fashion store in Denmark

Denmark Denmark — Prisma Properties has signed a 10-year lease with Lager 157 for a new store in Hjörring, Denmark.
Oscar Properties.

Oscar Properties' CEO cannot rule out more liquidated subsidiaries

Sweden Sweden — Oscar Properties CEO Richard Bagge cannot rule out that more subsidiaries may be liquidated during the company's process of trying to sell their remaining properties. For Nordic Property News he also further explains his view of what may happen to the company when the properties are gone and it may have to be reshaped.
Ylva Sarby Westman, CEO of Neobo.

Ylva Sarby Westman after Neobo's report: "Sweden needs more housing"

Sweden Sweden — During Wednesday, Neobo presented its result after the first half of 2024. Net income increased to SEK 229 million, which is an increase of 3.4 percent, while the management result decreased from SEK 75 to 68 million. "The company's operations continue to develop positively", says Neobo's CEO, Ylva Sarby Westman.
Today, July 12, the naming rights agreement between Strawberry and Stockholm Live regarding the national arena in Solna enters into force and the arena changes its name to Strawberry Arena.

Strawberry Arena sees the light of day

Sweden Sweden — Today, July 12, the naming rights agreement between Strawberry and Stockholm Live regarding the national arena in Solna enters into force and the arena changes its name to Strawberry Arena. Fabege is a co-owner of the arena and Petter Stordalens hotel chain Strawberry is the company that bought the naming rights to the arena.
Sonja Horn, CEO of Entra.

Entra reduces its management result

Norway Norway — Entra, with Balder and Castellum as the largest owners, reported rental income of NOK 853 million in the second quarter (854), slightly higher than expected NOK 834 million.
NCC will refurbish Dommerparken in Copenhagen.

NCC to refurbish Dommerparken in Copenhagen

Denmark Denmark — NCC, as part of the fsbHJEM partnership, has been contracted by fsb to refurbish 259 rental units in the Dommerparken area of Copenhagen. The order value is approximately SEK 285 million.
Christian Bratt, Head of Residential and Partner, Slättö.

Why student housing is of investment interest for Slättö

Nordic — Christian Bratt, Partner and Head of Residential, Slättö, on the major deal with K2A, and the strategy for the new value add fund. "An extensive Nordic investment mandate."
Erik Selin, CEO of Balder.

Selin: "In some places nothing may be built for ten years"

Sweden Sweden — Balder's CEO Erik Selin gave an overview of the company when he participated in the Capital Markets Days held on Tuesday and Wednesday in Båstad. The real estate veteran is clear that it's calm waters for the real estate giant at the moment with few projects, and he has also not seen many cheap objects on the market that are tempting to buy.
Eric Bergström, CEO of Regio.

Regio signs lease agreement with Scandinova

Sweden Sweden — Scandinova has signed a new lease agreement with Regio for approximately 1,700 square meters in an adjacent property in Fyrislund, Uppsala. The expansion, which increases the company's total floor space by over 40 percent, is a direct response to the rising demand for Scandinova’s products.
Per Nilsson, CEO of John Mattson.

John Mattson enters partnership with Stockholm Exergi

Sweden Sweden — John Mattson and the energy company Stockholm Exergi have entered an agreement aimed at securing the long-term supply of district heating to John Mattson’s property portfolio and with the shared objective of reaching net zero for district heating production for the Stockholm region.
Skanska invests PLN 120M, about SEK 320M, in the second phase of a residential complex in Warsaw.

Skanska invests in Polish residential project

Sweden Sweden — Skanska invests PLN 120M, about SEK 320M, in phase 2 of the residential project NU Warszawa Wola, in Warsaw, Poland. This phase includes two buildings with a total of 136 apartments and 7 commercial units.