What did Citycon's CEO F. Scott Ball, John Mattson's Siw Malmgren and Klövern's Rutger Arnhult and every other CEOs in the Nordic listed companies earn last year?

These Were the Highest Paid CEOs in 2019

Nordic — Nordic Property News presents the wages of the CEOs in the largest Nordic real estate companies on the stock exchange.
Which company pays best to its managment group?

... And Here Are the Highest Paid Management Groups

Nordic — Nordic Property News presents the wages of the rest of the management groups in the Nordic real estate giants.
Sonja Horn, CEO of Entra.

Entra: “Some of Our Tenants Are Struggling”

Norway Norway — Sonja Horn, CEO of the office investor Entra, tells Nordic Property News on the company’s view on the ongoing corona crisis, how it affects their business and how Entra was prepared for this extreme scenario.
Fredrik Jonsson, CEO of Niam.

Niam Acquires 238 Residential Units in Denmark

Denmark Denmark — Niam has entered into a binding agreement to buy 238 terraced houses of approximately 23,000 sqm in the area Tirsbæk Bakker, close to Vejle, Denmark.
Atte Kyökkä.

Conficap Purchases Kela’s Office Property in Central Turku

Finland Finland — Conficap Oy is strengthening its presence in the Turku region by purchasing an office property owned by Kela social insurance institution of Finland in the Turku city centre. The property located at Eerikinkatu 26 has 5,600 sqm of space available for rent.
Catena to postpone further negotiations with Coop.

Catena to Postpone Further Negotiations with Coop

Sweden Sweden — Given the altered circumstances in the market, Catena and Coop Logistik have agreed not to fulfil the letter of intent previously established between the parties.
Bent Oustad, CEO of Norwegian Property.

“There Will Be Both Positive and Negative Effects on the Norwegian Property Market”

Norway Norway — Bent Oustad, CEO of the listed real estate company Norwegian Property, tells Nordic Property News on the office investor’s actions during the crisis and which effects he sees among their tenants.
Claes Måhlén, Chief Strategist at Handelsbanken Capital Markets in Sweden.

After the Crisis: This Will Be the Future Financial Challenges

Sweden Sweden — Claes Måhlén, Chief Strategist at Handelsbanken Capital Markets, on the macroeconomic situation due to the corona outbreak, how the Sweden residential market will be affected and how the government can lead the country through the crisis.
Ilija Batljan.

SBB Sells a Residential Portfolio to Kuststaden

Sweden Sweden — SBB sells a portfolio 545 rental apartments in southern Sweden to Kuststaden for SEK 469.5M. The agreed property value exceeds the most recent external valuation.
Kristina Sawjani.

Castellum Appoints New Head of Transactions

Sweden Sweden — Castellum appoints Kristina Sawjani new Head of Transactions.
Sharam Rahi, acting CEO of Sato.

Sato Announces EUR 300M Senior Unsecured Bond Issue

Finland Finland — Sato announces a EUR 300 million senior unsecured bond issue under its EMTN programme. The bonds have been offered to European investors and will be issued on 7 April 2020.

”The Entire Society and Our Shopping Centers Are Affected”

Nordic — Magnus Bergman, Vice President Shopping Center Management at the Nordic listed retail property owner Citycon, on how the company support their struggling retail tenants in the shopping malls during the corona crisis and whether an option is to lower the rents.
Jörgen Lundgren and the Oslo skyline.

The Newly Formed Real Estate Company's Nordic Targets

Nordic — Building giant Peab's newly formed real estate company Annehem Fastigheter has appointed Jörgen Lundgren as CEO. He tells Nordic Property News about the challenges in the corona crisis and shares his view on the Oslo and Helsinki markets.
The largest Nordic real estate companies on the stock exchange.

Here Are the Market Cap Among the Nordic Listed Property Companies

Nordic — Nordic Property News presents the current market capitalization among the Nordic real estate companies on the stock exchange. How much have the values decreased, due to the coronavirus?
Jens Engwall, CEO of Nyfosa.

Nyfosa to Postpone Acquisition of Portfolios from SBB

Sweden Sweden — On January 17 Nyfosa signed a letter of intent with SBB regarding the acquisition of property portfolios with a total value of approximately SEK 8 billion. Nyfosa has decided to postpone this acquisition until further notice due to the changes in market conditions.
Ilija Batljan.

SBB's Ambition to Sell Properties for SEK 11 billion Remains

Sweden Sweden — SBB's ambition to sell properties totalling SEK 11 billion during the year remains despite Nyfosa awaiting with its acquisition of SBB properties.
Christian Fladeland, CIO of Heimstaden.

Heimstaden Makes Large Purchase in the Netherlands

Sweden Sweden — Heimstaden has acquired a Dutch residential portfolio consisting of 41 assets comprising of 2,023 homes and 60 commercial units as well as adjacent parking facilities. The portfolio consists of 138,900 sqm lettable area in total. The transaction price is EUR 375M.
Janne Eriksson, Managing Director of Cushman & Wakefield in Finland.

Cushman & Wakefield: “There Is a Wait and See Mentality”

Finland Finland — Janne Eriksson, Managing Director of Cushman & Wakefield Finland, tells Nordic Property News about the short and long-term effects on the Finnish real estate market, due to the corona crisis.
Which companies are the winners and which are the losers on the stock market in March?

These Are the Winners and Losers on the Stock Market in March

Nordic — Nordic Property News has the complete list of how the Nordic real estate and construction companies performed on the stock exchange in March.
Patrik Hall.

Heimstaden Acquires 142 Homes from Damborg

Sweden Sweden — Heimstaden Bostad AB expands its Dutch portfolio with the acquisition of 142 homes from Damborg. The acquisition of approximately EUR 44M has been completed.
Skanska builds multi-family buildings for Stena Fastigheter in Gothenburg.

Skanska Builds for Stena Fastigheter in Gothenburg

Sweden Sweden — Skanska has signed a contract with Stena Fastigheter to build multi-family buildings in Ekebäckshöjd in Gothenburg, Sweden. The contract is worth about SEK 550M, which will be included in the order bookings for Sweden for the first quarter 2020.
NCC to construct healthcare buildings in Sörmland for SEK 2.4 billion.

NCC to Construct Healthcare Buildings in Sörmland for SEK 2.4 billion

Sweden Sweden — NCC is to construct two new healthcare buildings at Mälar Hospital in Eskilstuna and Nyköping Hospital in collaboration with Region Sörmland. The total order value for both projects amounts to more than SEK 2.4 billion.
Hans Wallenstam, CEO of Wallenstam.

This Is the Biggest Challenge for the Real Estate Heavyweight

Sweden Sweden — Hans Wallenstam, CEO of Wallenstam: ”We need to find solutions, so that our tenants survive the crisis.”
Telia, Filmstaden and Københavns Torvehaller among the largest tenants in the Nordic property companies.

These Are the Property Companies' Largest Tenants

Nordic — Nordic Property News lists the largest tenants in the major real estate companies on the Nordic stock exchange.
Jacob Karlsson, CEO of K-Fastigheter.

K-Fastigheter Acquires Development Property in Helsingborg

Sweden Sweden — K-Fast Holding has acquired a development property of approximately 66,600 square metres in the Långeberga area in Östra Ramlösa, east of central Helsingborg. The company intends to construct its concept buildings for rental apartments at the site.