The new logistics facility of approximately 38,000 square metres will be built at the Morgongåva 15:33 property in the Morgongåva business park, which is located about 40 kilometers west of Uppsala. A 12-year lease has been signed with Babyland, which intends to conduct its e-commerce deliveries from the facility. The new logistics facility will be environmentally certified in accordance with the Miljöbyggnad Silver standard, with its strict requirements in terms of energy, the indoor environment and choice of materials – solar cells will be installed on the roof. The overall investment is expected to generate a net operating surplus of approximately SEK 17.8 million.

There are more companies in the same area, for example e commerce pharmacy Apotea which operates in Catena’s existing Snesholm 1:16 property.

“Morgongåva is a hub for e-commerce logistics with a clear environmental profile. As the area grows, the position will be further strengthened and those who operate in the area will be able to benefit even more from the synergies that always arise in this type of cluster, which is positive both financially and from the perspective of sustainability,” says Jörgen Eriksson, CEO of Catena.

“It is gratifying that we are continuing to expand. We already have a very good collaboration with Catena and it feels natural to be able to further develop the Morgongåva business park together,” says Henrik Lindley, CEO of Domarbo Skog Aktiebolag and Morgongåva Företagspark AB.

Construction is scheduled to commence in the first quarter of 2021, with the tenant being planned to move in during February 2022.