Skåneporten Fastigheter has been given the opportunity to develop the area next to the E6 at exit 50, Skreamotet, in Falkenberg. The publisher is the Church of Sweden through the Gothenburg Diocese's clergy salary assets.

"We let the land to a professional and well-reputed actor who has extensive experience in trading in traffic areas," says Per-Erik Hallin, property manager Gothenburg Diocese.

The property is right next to the E6, which is used by approximately 50,000 vehicles daily. Skåneporten, together with Falkenberg municipality, is in the process of drawing up a detailed plan for the area.

"It is a fantastic trade and service location, an attractive meeting place next to the E6 with proximity to Falkenberg and Skrea strand. Our ambition is to develop the area and supplement existing functions with more service trade. We will start renting out immediately, with intended occupancy in 2024," says Andreas Meyer, CEO of Skåneporten Fastigheter.