The analyst predicts: it will get better – but first it will get even worse

Sweden Sweden — The interest rate highs stand like sports holiday youngsters in a lift queue and the unrest in our world affects the economic reality. But how have the changed rules of the game actually affected the Swedish housing market? Jesper Hansson is a macro analyst at Swedbank and he tells us that the real economy is slowing down more in Sweden than in the rest of the world. “It will get worse before it gets better, so says our forecast.”

New advisory company launched in Sweden

Sweden Sweden — In the spring, Philip Kouvatsis left Colliers to embark on a new venture. Now he is back with his own company Delta Real Estate Consulting. He tells Nordic Property News about the company, what type of business he wants to engage in, which markets he sees himself operating in, the company's future plans and what it's like to do business in the current transaction climate.

Norwegian hotel billionaire has another high rise wooden tower in sight

Sweden Sweden — 100 meters tall with 240 hotel rooms and built entirely of wood – this is what the plans look like for AB Invest's next impressive wooden tower on Swedish soil. After the high-flying plans in Kista, the Norwegian hotel builder now also wants to establish a wooden tower in the western parts of Sweden, designed by Wingårdhs. Nordic Property News reveals more with illustrations of the intended landmark.

Left CBRE – returns with a new company

Finland Finland — Six months after he left CBRE, Ilkka Niska returns to the industry. This time with his own company INREA. He tells Nordic Property News about the new advisory company, the focus of the new company, what clients INREA will work with, what he brings with him from his time at CBRE and what he learned during his break from the industry.

Biljana Pehrsson: "It's the team"

Nordic — After many years as CEO on the commercial side, Biljana Pehrsson somewhat unexpectedly took over the CEO position at Nordr in Sweden. Why did she choose to go that way? What lessons and experiences from the years at Kungsleden can she take with her into her relatively new assignment? From the stage at Fastighetssverige's event Stora bostadsdagen, Biljana Pehrsson talked about the first time at Nordr and what she still has to learn in the housing segment.

Verdion: This is the Nordic hotspot for logistics

Nordic — Johan Nihlmark, Head of Business Development Nordics at Verdion, tells Nordic Property News about the investment opportunities in the Nordics, how well capitalized the giant is, and when they will enter Finland and Norway.

Ånäs sees resilience in the lack of discounts in the market

Sweden Sweden — The transaction market in Q3 was the weakest third quarter since 2009 and not many deals are done in Atrium Ljungberg's main segment, but CEO Annica Ånäs sees resilience in the companies in the fact that the sales made in the market are not made at any discounts. How Atrium Ljungberg will act in the future is unclear, but the company as a whole presented the strongest quarter of the year so far when the Q3 was released on Thursday.

Here are the Nordic top transactions in Q3 2023

Nordic — Nordic Property News presents the largest transactions on the Nordic property market in the third quarter of 2023.

The small house manufacturer closes factory: "The Finnish market is dead"

Nordic — Earlier this week it became clear that Älvsbyhus has been forced to notify 40 employees in Sweden. Last month, a decision was made to close a factory. However, CEO Kent Johansson believes that just in time for the rays of the spring sun, the market should improve.

Randviken trio back with the new venture Flexfast

Sweden Sweden — The former Randviken CEO Gustaf Segerborg is back with a new company. Together with Anton Jansson and Douglas Westerberg, he has started Flexfast, which will invest in warehouse and light industrial properties. Gustaf Segerborg tells Nordic Property News about the new company, which price range and which areas they are looking for new properties in, and about the competition in the hot warehouse and light industrial segment.

The Nordic companies with the largest decreases in property values

Nordic — Over the last year, a large number of Nordic real estate companies have seen property values go down due to write-downs – and in other cases due to divestments. Nordic Property News takes a closer look at which companies have had the largest decreases in their property values.

"In general the recovery has been strong for the Danish hotel market"

Denmark Denmark — On Monday, Pandox announced a deal with Strawberry for the operation of Hotell Mayfair in Copenhagen. Jonas Törner, Chief Commercial Officer at Pandox says that the development in the Danish capital has been fantastic and that there are opportunities going forward to sharpen the portfolio structure. At the same time, they will increase discipline in the investment calculations in order to adapt to the new economic conditions.

Norwegian hotel operator wants to build the world's tallest wooden house

Sweden Sweden — The company AB Invest wants to build a 40-storey wooden office building in Kista in Stockholm – that would make it the world's tallest wooden building. Nordic Property News reveals more about the ambitious project and its contents.

Unclear future for the Russian consulate in Gothenburg

Sweden Sweden — The opposition's proposal to investigate the possibilities of buying the Russian consulate in Gothenburg was voted down by a majority during last week's meeting of the municipal board, and now it is unclear what is going to happens to the building. Axel Josefson (M), opposition councilor and the municipal board's 2nd vice chairman, and Jonas Attenius (S), chairman of the municipal board, comment on the situation for Nordic Property News and why there is very little that the city can do right now.

After the Finnish entry – here are Fokus Nordic's ambitions for the Finnish market

Finland Finland — Fokus Nordic has expanded into the Finnish market. CEO Tonny Nielsen tells Nordic Property News about the Finnish entry, the company’s ambitions for the market, how the expansion will benefit the entire company and about his views on the market situation in Finland.

September 2023: The Nordic top transactions

Nordic — Nordic Property News presents the largest transactions on the Nordic property market in September, 2023.

First aid for housing construction according to Obos' CEO

Sweden Sweden — Housing construction is said to have collapsed, purchasing power eroded and assets lost value. Construction costs and interest rates have risen, while there is a major housing shortage. But several companies and their managers have ideas about how to turn it all around. Obos' CEO Joakim Henriksson is one of them.

Carl Janglin: "Without a new capital structure, there is no way forward for Oscar Properties"

Sweden Sweden — Oscar Properties has an unsustainable capital structure given the interest rate situation. An agreement with all lenders is now required, says the new CEO, Carl Janglin.

Top analyst ahead of the report season: "Surprisingly quiet on the direct market"

Nordic — Next Thursday, the flood of reports for the real estate companies starts again as Atrium Ljungberg is the first to release its Q3 report. Nordic Property News talks to Arctic Securities analyst Michael Johansson to get a picture of how the companies are doing, what will be most interesting in the reports and which companies he thinks will deliver the stronger and weaker reports.

Colliers' Nordic CEO: This is when the real estate market will turn

Nordic — The transaction market in the Nordics is the weakest in a decade, and Colliers does not expect any particularly large improvement during the final quarter, although they expect it to be the strongest of the year and that approximately a further EUR 10 billion will be turned over until the end of the year. For the real estate market as a whole, it will take some time before the recovery is here, first the stock market and then the bond market have to correct themselves, Colliers' Nordic CEO Bård Bjølgerud said during the company's latest Nordic Outlook presentation.

Nordr aims high for the expansion of Folkhem

Nordic — Recently it became clear that Nordr is buying out the joint venture they had with Rikshem. Rikshem wanted to focus on rental properties, and for Nordr's part, they saw an opportunity to take the wooden house business out to wider market. Biljana Pehrsson, CEO of Nordr Sweden, says that the purchase is a way to expand in a way that others have not done.

"The Empire Strikes Back" – and other Catella observations from the office market

Nordic — The flexible workplace was the new trend that emerged from the pandemic. Offices that only slightly had adapted the digital transformation was forced to break new ground. Especially in parts of Europe, where lock-down was strict. Now, with the instability in the inflation and higher rates, the demand on employees to return to the office will increase, states Thomas Beyerle, Head of Group Research Catella.

The hottest free agents on the Nordic real estate market

Nordic — A number of people have left or are about to leave important posts in the Nordic real estate industry and thus join the crowd of profiles from earlier on the list of so-called free agents. Nordic Property News has taken a closer look at some of the hottest profiles available in the Nordics.

Another tough month on the stock market – but SBB recovered strongly

Nordic — The majority of listed Nordic real estate companies continued to retreat on the stock market during September, but pressured SBB made a strong turnaround at the end and was one of the companies that increased the most during the month. Here Nordic Property News presents a list of the companies' performance during the ninth month of the year.

Nordic top recruitments in Q3

Nordic — Several prestigious positions on the Nordic real estate market has gotten filled during the third quarter. Nordic Property News takes a closer look at the hottest Nordic recruitments in Q3.