JM and Icecapital sign deal for residential development in Espoo

Finland Finland — JM Suomi and Icecapital Housing Fund VI Ky have signed an agreement on the development of a residential property in the Finnoo area in Espoo.

Broman Group develops retail property in Espoo

Finland Finland — Broman Group develops a 3,000 sqm retail property in the Suomenoja area in Espoo.

250 apartments to be created in Espoo area

Finland Finland — Construction company Jatke Uusimaa Oy and TA Group have signed an agreement on the construction of 110 rental and 141 right-of-occupancy apartments in the Suurpelto area, Espoo.

NREP Makes Portfolio Acquisition from S-Bank

Finland Finland — A residential property fund S-Bank Housing non-UCITS Fund, managed by S-Bank Fund Management Ltd has sold three residential properties to NREP.

YIT Launches New Residential Construction Project

Finland Finland — YIT has launched a self-developed residential construction project called As Oy Espoon Tuultentietäjä in Tapiola, Espoo in December. A total of 78 apartments will be constructed for the project. The value of the project is approximately EUR 47 million.

City of Espoo to Sell Fire Stations for EUR 30.8 Million to Local Tapiola

Finland Finland — City of Espoo is preparing to sell the central fire station as well as the Leppävaara and Mikkelä fire stations including their properties and buildings to subsidiaries established and fully owned by Local Tapiola Real Estate Asset Management Ltd.

Skanska Makes Residential Investment in Espoo

Finland Finland — Skanska invests in a residential development project in Espoo. The total investment amounts to EUR 38M, about SEK 400M. The building will be 17 storeys high and consists of 133 apartments.

This Is Sato’s Residential Strategy

Finland Finland — CEO Antti Aarnio: “We are very cautious and follow the market carefully now. However…”

NCC and NREP to Add Additional Residential Units in Espoo

Finland Finland — NCC is continuing its partnership with NREP in the Niittykumpu district of Espoo, in the Finnish capital region. The parties have signed a contract for an additional 191 apartments, which will be the third phase in the area. The order value is approximately SEK 260 million.

Toivo Strengthens Presence in Leppävaara

Finland Finland — Toivo Group has strengthened its foothold in Leppävaara, Espoo. A legally valid city plan has been granted for the company’s significant new construction project, which enables the implementation of a new apartment building project with more than 80 apartments.

The Hot Residential Area in Finland's Number Two

Finland Finland — Ville Raitio, CIO of Finland’s largest private residential real estate company Kojamo: "Our strategy focuses on growing locations with strong..."

YIT to Construct Office Building in Espoo Area

Finland Finland — YIT is launching the construction of the five-storey office building and a car park that will serve housing units of Tuultenristi in Tapiola.

The Finnish Office Challenges for Assai

Finland Finland — Otso Halsti, Co-Founder and CEO of Assai, tells Nordic Property News about the recent investments in Espoo and Helsinki, and the 2022 investment targets across Finland.

The Main Challenges on the Finnish Construction Market

Finland Finland — Heidi Kerosuo, Director, Project Development and Business at EKE-Rakennus, tells Nordic Property News about the attractive Olari district in Espoo, the Finnish construction market, and the major targets for 2022.

M2-Kodit in Residential Development in Espoo and Tampere

Finland Finland — M2-Kodit (owned by Y-Foundation) develops 151 rental apartments in Espoo and Tampere.

After the Largest Single Public Use Asset Transaction Ever: Future Targets for Local Tapiola

Finland Finland — Mia Vuorinen, Managing Director Local Tapiola Alternative Investment Funds, on the Espoo hospital investment, why the segment attracts many investors, and the competition from global investors.

Reasons Behind the Trend: Why Cities in Finland Are Divesting Properties

Finland Finland — Deputy Mayor for Urban Environment in Espoo, Olli Isotalo: “We are following the international trend – Finland is a stable country for investments.”

Local Tapiola Acquires Espoo Hospital for EUR 295 Million

Finland Finland — Due to the implementation of the health and social services reform, the City of Espoo has prepared the sale of the Espoo Hospital property to LähiTapiola Yhteiskuntakiinteistöt Suomi Ky (Local Tapiola). The bill of sale has been signed conditionally and the transaction will be completed if approved by the Espoo City Board.

The Record Level of Sale-and-Leaseback Deals in Finland

Finland Finland — Tero Uusitalo, Head of Capital Markets, JLL Finland, on the recent Skanska deal in Espoo, the attraction to the area, the international driven Finnish market, and what segments that will boom in the country.

Skanska Purchases Development Property in Espoo

Finland Finland — Skanska has acquired a development property in Espoo. The seller is MSD Finland Oy and the investment amounts to EUR 23M, about SEK 230M.

Schroder Nordic Real Estate Makes Divestment to Altaal

Finland Finland — The Schroder Real Estate Kapitalverwaltungsgesellschaft mbH on behalf of the Schroder Nordic Real Estate Fund, is today announcing the sale of an office property in Helsinki. The office building has been acquired by Swedish alternative investment firm Altaal.

Kojamo Company Establishes Wooden Buildings in Espoo

Finland Finland — Two wooden apartment buildings are being built in Nöykkiönlaakso, Espoo. For these buildings, sustainability was already taken into account when making investment decisions and, above all, from the perspective of the overall resident experience.

“One of the Winning Growth Cities in Finland”

Finland Finland — Petri Valkama, Partner at NREP Finland, on the residential investment in Espoo; the requirements, the attraction to the city, and future investment targets across Finland.

Pohjola Divests Residential Projects to EQ

Finland Finland — Special investment fund eQ Finnish Residential acquires four residential projects from construction company Pohjola Rakennus Oy for EUR 71 million.

Elite Alfred Berg on the Finnish Transaction Comeback

Finland Finland — Jaakko Ristola, Head of Real Estate Investment Management at Elite Alfred Berg: “More investors seem to look at the market actively now.”