Why the Norwegian Housing Giant Invests in Stockholm

Nordic — Selvaag Bolig's CEO Rolf Thorsen on the potential of the Stockholm market and why they appointed Britta Blaxhult as CEO in Sweden.

The Main Challenges on the Norwegian Residential Market

Norway Norway — Listed company Selvaag Bolig's CEO Rolf Thorsen on the H1 result, the housing shortage in Oslo and what needs to be done from the politicians to increase the construction pace.

Madison International Realty Acquires in Oslo

Norway Norway — Madison International Realty acquires majority of the ground-level commercial assets in Bjørvika, Norway’s largest urban development.

Why the Norwegian Owners Sell to Global Giant

Norway Norway — American Madison is investing in Norway's largest urban development project of all time. The Norwegian company's CEO comments on why they could not resist the American bid, future transactions, and how many were fighting for the historical project.