Amanda Welander Gets a New Role at CBRE: "Closer to the Transactions"

Sweden Sweden — CBRE is changing at the top when Amanda Welander changes the role of Head of Research to a new position as Director within Capital Markets. She tells Nordic Property News about the switch, working closer to the transactions and shares her view of the Swedish market in 2023.

A Rotation Among the Hottest Swedish Segments

Sweden Sweden — Amanda Welander, Head of Research Sweden & Nordics at CBRE, on the Swedish transaction market in 2020: “The recovery in Sweden has been strong.”

Coworking Can Benefit on the Uncertain Times

Sweden Sweden — The pandemic means new conditions for the office market - even in coworking, the pandemic can have effects. CBRE's Head of Research Amanda Welander shares her view on workplaces during the pandemic, the recovery and future developments.

CBRE: Favourable Conditions for Real Estate Continues

Sweden Sweden — Low inflation, 0 percent interest rate and moderate economic growth will set the stage for another good year for properties, according to the Real Estate Market Outlook 2020 for Sweden, published today by the global real estate advisor CBRE.

How CBRE Will Grow in the Nordic Region: ”More to Come”

Nordic — Amanda Welander, Head of Research Sweden at CBRE, tells Nordic Property News about her role in the new organization and the benefits when CBRE launches its new Pan-Nordic Capital Markets Team.

CBRE Launches New Pan-Nordic Capital Markets Team

Nordic — CBRE announced today that it is expanding and strengthening its Capital Markets service offering for domestic and international clients across the Nordics real estate market. A newly formed 58-strong pan-Nordic team led by Sami Kiehelä will provide clients with a fully integrated range of transactional, capital advisory, corporate finance and research services.

How the Fed Cuts Affect the Real Estate Market

Sweden Sweden — Last week, the US Federal Reserve (Fed) lowered the interest rate by 0.25 percentage points. Nordic Property News has spoken to CBRE Sweden's Head of Research Amanda Welander, who talks about how the decrease affects the real estate market.

Nordic Cities in Growth Peak

Nordic — CBRE's Head of Research Amanda Welander on the foreign interest in Gothenburg, what to look out for in 2019 and which cities in the Nordic countries are some of the top fastest growing in Europe.

Winners and Losers as the Stockholm Subway Expands

Sweden Sweden — CBRE has analyzed in which areas in the Swedish capital the property market will flourish in connection to the planned expansion of the subway. Head of Research Amanda Welander comments the outcome.