Mikael Rånes Named CEO in Amasten

Sweden Sweden — Mikael Rånes, who has been acting CEO since Jan-Erik Höjvall retired in 2020, has been named permanent CEO of Amasten.

Hemfosa’s Chairman: ”Of Course I Was Surprised”

Sweden Sweden — After SBB’s EUR 2.19 billion bid on the listed community service property company Hemfosa: Bengt Kjell, Chairman of the Board at Hemfosa, shares his view on the bid.

Hemfosa Presents Updated Strategy and New Financial Targets

Sweden Sweden — Following the decision to distribute Nyfosa to the ordinary shareholders, Hemfosa Fastigheter has worked on preparing a strategy and business plan for the next few years. This process has resulted in new financial targets and a new dividend policy that have now been adopted by the Hemfosa Board of Directors. These targets include property portfolio growth from slightly more than SEK 35 billion to SEK 50 billion in property value within five years.

Nyfosa to Hemfosa's Shareholders in Q4

Sweden Sweden — The Board of Hemfosa has decided to propose that an Extraordinary General Meeting of Hemfosa on September 13, 2018 resolve to distribute all of the shares in the wholly owned subsidiary Nyfosa, which comprises the company’s portfolio of commercial property.