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Major Interest in the Portfolio: How EQ Came Out Winning the Battle

Finland Finland — Jennifer Eloheimo, Investment Director at EQ Community Properties Fund, on the EUR 141 million investment in Jyväskylä; why the cities across Finland need to think different in terms of owning properties, and the current trend in the community service property segment.

EQ Community Properties Fund Purchases Properties for EUR 141 Million

Finland Finland — City of Jyväskylä sells three educational properties and three fire station properties. The purchase price is EUR 141 million. The transaction is subject to approval of Jyväskylä City Council. The buyer is EQ Community Properties Fund.

How EQ’s Successful Fund Has Developed – and Why They Change Name Now

Finland Finland — The EQ Care fund changes name to EQ Community Properties fund. Jennifer Eloheimo, Investment Director, on how the change reflects the new focus, and investment targets on an attractive community service property market.