Rosel Ragnarsson retires – Helena Lindahl takes over as Treasury Director of SBB

Sweden Sweden — Rosel Ragnarsson retires and Helena Lindahl who is today part of the management team has successively taken over areas of responsibility within financing and investor relations.

SBB Slaughtered on the Stock Market after Downgrade

Sweden Sweden — SBB's B share fell almost 20 percent on Monday, the second worst day for the stock ever, and the D share fell even more by over 26 percent during a blood-red day on the stock market for Ilija Batljan's real estate company. The sharp decline came after credit rating agency S&P downgraded SBB's credit rating to BB+, or "junk status", with a negative outlook. Read SBB's comment on the downgrade and parts of S&P's negative analysis.

SBB Recruits Treasury Director

Sweden Sweden — SBB is recruiting Helena Lindahl to the role of Treasury Director with the task of being responsible for SBB's borrowing and profile towards the credit markets, nationally and internationally.