Altaal: “Everything We Do Must Have a Green Impact”

Finland Finland — Stefan Gattberg, Founder of the investment firm Altaal, on the Finnish investment, and why the green agenda is important in the years to come.

Reasons Behind the Management Changes in Cushman & Wakefield

Finland Finland — Janne Eriksson will take over as Chairman of the Board of Cushman & Wakefield Finland. He tells Nordic Property News how his everyday work will change, how this will effect Cushman & Wakefield’s Finnish operations, and also shares insights of an increasing appetite for Finnish real estate from global investors.

Cofinimmo Invests in Helsinki Care Home

Finland Finland — Cofinimmo has acquired the company that will develop a nursing and care home in Helsinki. The investment budget amounts to approximately 19 million EUR.

The German Investor: “We See Helsinki as a Solid and Transparent Residential Market”

Finland Finland — After the EUR 100 million investment: Martin Schellein, Head of Investment Management Europe at German investor Union Investment, shares his view on the Nordic property market, the recent purchase in Helsinki, and the collaboration with Skanska.

Many Attractive Objects for Sale in Finland

Finland Finland — Jenna Kiukkonen, Sales Manager at Senate Properties: “We have about 500 properties in our sales portfolio.”

Avara’s Resilience Throughout the Pandemic

Finland Finland — Tuomas Rantsi, Chief Operating Officer at Avara, on how the Finnish investor summarizes the pandemic, how crucial ESG factors are going forward, and what segments that have been the winners the last 18 months.

The Finnish Balder Company’s Residential Targets

Finland Finland — Arto Aalto, Vice President, Investments at Sato, on the current state of the Finnish residential market, where they look for future assets, and the attraction to Vantaa.

“An Exceptional Number of Opportunities on the Market”

Finland Finland — Robert Karlsson at Catella Asset Management on the new assignment, why he leaves Stockholm, and the challenges of finding the right assets on the Finnish investment market.

Logicenters Strengthens Its Presence in Finland: “Helsinki Is a Hot Market”

Finland Finland — Matthias Kettelhoit, Head of Logicenters, on the Finnish logistics market, the development plans, and whether there are any differences in Finland, compared to the other Nordic markets.

Record-High Figures of Constructed Residential Units in Helsinki

Finland Finland — 134,000 sqm of new office space were under construction at the end of June in the Helsinki metropolitan area. At the same time, KTI recorded a record-high figure of 12,500 rental dwellings under construction.

Historic Property in Kamppi to Be Renewed

Finland Finland — SRV and Föreningen Konstsamfundet r.f. have signed an agreement to build a unique entertainment centre called Kulttuurikasarmi, in Lasipalatsi Square in the Kamppi district of Helsinki.

Pohjola Divests Residential Projects to EQ

Finland Finland — Special investment fund eQ Finnish Residential acquires four residential projects from construction company Pohjola Rakennus Oy for EUR 71 million.

NREP Acquires Office Property from Cobbleyard and Revcap

Finland Finland — Cobbleyard Real Estate and Revcap have sold a major office property in Sörnäinen, Helsinki. The property was acquired by NREP.

Why Heimstaden’s Finnish Entry Was Delayed

Finland Finland — Christian Fladeland, Co‑CIO of Heimstaden, tells Nordic Property News about the Finnish entry, where they want to grow, and for how long they have looked for investment opportunities in the country.

Skanska Gets Construction Assignment in Helsinki

Finland Finland — Skanska has signed a contract with the City of Helsinki to renovate congress and event venue Finlandia Hall located in the center of Helsinki. The contract is worth EUR 88M, about SEK 890M, which will be included in the Nordic order bookings for the second quarter of 2021.

JM’s Investment Targets in Finland

Finland Finland — Markus Heino, President of JM Finland, on the recent acquisition, the attraction to the Pasila area, whether the Finnish operations are scheduled as planned, and where they focus on development, going forward.

The Finnish Office Market Expected to Bounce Back

Finland Finland — Antti Louko, Managing Director of Catella Finland: “We are already seeing increasing investor demand both from foreign and domestic investors.”

“We Have Seen Quite Aggressive Yields”

Finland Finland — Kojamo’s CEO Jani Nieminen on the Q1 results, how the international players are affecting the Finnish transaction market, and the still ongoing impact of Covid-19 on the residential market.

Hemsö Acquires University Asset in Helsinki

Finland Finland — Hemsö acquires a university property in central Helsinki for future development into modern training facilities. The property will be leased by the University of Helsinki until 2024. The investment amounts to approximately EUR 17 million and the seller is the University of Helsinki.

The Key for Office Success – During the Crisis

Finland Finland — Trevian-managed development of Duetto Business Park succeeds beyond expectations – occupancy rate rises despite COVID era challenges. Risto Vuorenrinne, Investment Director at Trevian AM, tells Nordic Property News about the major office project in Helsinki, when they expect to reach 95 percent occupancy, and future office challenges.

SRV to Renovate Historic Property in Helsinki

Finland Finland — SRV and Helsinki University Properties have signed an agreement on the basic renovation of Snellmania, which is located in Kruununhaka, Helsinki. The project management contract for the renovation of this culturally and historically significant building is valued at approximately EUR 12 million.

HOK-Elanto Buys Retail and Office Assets in Helsinki

Finland Finland — Tarkala Oy has sold retail and office premises located near Helsinki city centre to HOK-Elanto.

Where Finland Is Lacking Behind the Rest of the Nordics

Finland Finland — Tuomas Rantsi, Chief Operating and Development Officer, Real Estate, on the Finnish residential trends, where they look for new investments, and how the Finnish market is performing in a Nordic context.

“We Have Several Foreign Investors Looking at Entering the Finnish Market”

Finland Finland — Janne Eriksson, Managing Director of Cushman & Wakefield Finland, on the increased global interest in Finnish properties, whether 2021 will be business as usual, and he summarizes the first quarter on the Finnish transaction market.

How SBB Became One of Finland’s Leading Property Companies

Finland Finland — Ilija Batljan and his creation SBB entered Finland three years ago. Here is the Swedish giant’s Finnish journey.