Since Vonovia's Entrance: This Is the Swedish Residential Impact

Sweden Sweden — How large part of the total portfolio contains Swedish residential for the German housing giant, Vonovia? Nordic Property News presents the figures.

Akelius' Head of Scandinavia Leaves for COO Position at Victoria Park and Hembla

Sweden Sweden — Peter Ullmark has, after nine years at Akelius, decided to leave the company to become COO of Hembla and Victoria Park. The new Head of Scandinavia at Akelius will be Sofia Aasvold.

Blackstone on the Swedish Deal: ”A Historical Performance”

Sweden Sweden — Blackstone Group's CFO Michael Chae gives his first comments about the succesful journey with Hembla in Sweden and the total return of the investment.

Vonovia: ”We Plan to Be an Eternal Owner”

Sweden Sweden — Per Ekelund will be the CEO of both Victoria Park and Hembla. Rolf Buch, Vonovia’s CEO, tells Nordic Property News about the future Swedish structure of the residential giant and whether further investments in the Nordics are in sight, in the nearest future.

Per Ekelund New Acting CEO of Hembla

Sweden Sweden — Today Hembla’s Board of Directors has appointed Per Ekelund as acting CEO of Hembla. Per Ekelund will follow Svein Erik Lilleland as CEO. Svein Erik Lilleland has decided to step down and hand over responsibility for his Management Board duties to Per Ekelund from now on. Per Ekelund is also CEO of the residential real estate company Victoria Park, a position he will continue to hold as he takes on his new role.

Vonovia: “This Is Very Important for Us”

Sweden Sweden — Nina Henckel, Head of Corporate Media at Vonovia, tells Nordic Property News about the successful mandatory cash offer of Hembla, the German giant’s expansion plans in Sweden and whether Vonovia was surprised over the independent committee’s initial statement over the bid.

Vonovia Now Owns 94 Percent of Hembla

Sweden Sweden — Vonovia now holds 95.3 percent of the votes and 94.1 percent of Hembla's capital and will now work to delist the company from Nasdaq Stockholm.

The Independent Bid Committee of Hembla Says No to Vonovia's Bid

Sweden Sweden — Hembla’s independent bid committee unanimously recommends the shareholders not to accept Vonovia’s cash offer.

Vonovia Announces a Mandatory Cash Offer to the Shareholders in Hembla

Sweden Sweden — Vonovia, through its indirectly wholly owned subsidiary HomeStar InvestCo AB, announces a mandatory cash offer to the shareholders in Hembla AB to acquire all outstanding B-shares in Hembla not already held by HomeStar, at a price of SEK 215 per share.

Vonovia Gets Competition Clearance to Acquire Blackstone's Hembla Shares

Sweden Sweden — Vonovia can now complete its acquisition of 69.3 percent of the voting rights (61.2 percent of the share capital) in Hembla. That means that Vonovia will be Sweden's largest residential company.

Hembla’s CEO on the Blackstone Divestment to Vonovia

Sweden Sweden — “Vonovia is the indisputable leader and has the best-in-class management across Europe,” says Svein-Erik Lilleland.

Why Sweden Attracts the German Giant

Sweden Sweden — After the major purchase of Hembla from Blackstone: Vonovia’s CEO Rolf Buch tells Nordic Property News about the future in Sweden. “We have demonstrated that our business model works outside Germany.”

"Blackstone Has Made a Great Journey"

Sweden Sweden — Peter Wiman, Head of Research at Savills Sweden, on Vonovia's acquisition of Hembla from Blackstone and whether this will attract more international investors to the Swedish residential market, going forward.

Blackstone Sells Its 61 Percent Stake in Hembla to Vonovia

Sweden Sweden — Blackstone announce the sale of their 61 percent shareholding, which controls 69 percent of the voting rights, in Hembla to Vonovia, for SEK 215 per share.

They Have Increased Their Profit the Most in Q2

Nordic — Nordic Property News presents the listed Nordic companies’ profit before tax during Q2.

The Nordic Real Estate Companies’ ICR Levels in Q2

Nordic — Nordic Property News presents figures on the interest cover ratios for the listed Nordic real estate companies.

The American Giant’s Nordic Acquisitions

Nordic — Nordic Property News lists Blackstone’s largest purchases in the Nordics, the last years.

They Have Increased Their Profit the Most in the First Quarter

Nordic — Nordic Property News presents the listed Nordic companies’ profit before tax during Q1. How has the development been?

They Have Increased Their Rental Incomes the Most in the First Quarter

Nordic — Nordic Property News presents the listed property companies' rental income for the first quarter of 2019. Who are the winners?

D Carnegie Changes Name to Hembla

Sweden Sweden — Through the proposed name change, the Blackstone company wants to further emphasize the core of its business model. The name is intended to clarify the company’s orientation and Hembla associates to something that is central in most people’s lives.