Balder Exes Released

Sweden Sweden — The two senior executives Marcus Hansson and Magnus Björndahl, who have been detained on alleged insider crime, were released on Wednesday evening. The suspicions against the duo remains.

This Is How Long the Balder Executives Will Stay in Custody

Sweden Sweden — Marcus Hansson and Magnus Björndahl, who are suspected on insider trading, have been detained in custody for 26 days. Prosecutor Pontus Hamilton updates on the case.

Balder Executives Detained on Alleged Insider Trading

Sweden Sweden — CFO Marcus Hansson and Finance Director Magnus Björndahl have been detained on alleged insider trading. The crime does not concern trading in the Balder share.

Erik Selin on the Allegations: ”Hard to Believe That It Is Possible”

Sweden Sweden — Balder’s CEO Erik Selin comments the allegations towards the company’s CFO Marcus Hansson and Finance Director Magnus Björndahl, regarding insider trading.

Why Sato Changes Valuation Method

Finland Finland — Marcus Hansson, CFO of the main owner Balder, and member of the Sato board: ”A more transparent method.”

Serneke Sells Portfolio of Rental Apartments to Trenum

Sweden Sweden — Serneke has signed an agreement with Trenum AB to sell a portfolio comprising approximately 875 rental apartments. The transaction is valued at a total of approximately SEK 1.8 billion.

"More Complex to Do Business Outside the Nordic Region"

Nordic — The largest listed property company in the Nordic region, Balder, released its annual report on Wednesday. The company's CFO Marcus Hansson tells Nordic Property News about his view of the Nordic market, why it is difficult to do business in Sweden and where in Europe the company wants to grow.

Why Balder Enters Germany

Sweden Sweden — The company's CFO Marcus Hansson explains to Nordic Property News why they view the hotel portfolio as the optimal step into the country: "There could definitely be more acquisitions."

Balder Makes Green Push in Copenhagen

Denmark Denmark — Marcus Hansson, CFO of Balder, tells Nordic Property News why the company choses a green focus in new Copenhagen projects.

Balder's Reason for Focusing on the Bond Market

Sweden Sweden — Last fall he got a financial technical idea letting Balder save close to MSEK 100 annually. The company's CFO, Marcus Hansson, now shares why they focus on bonds and why Bitcoin won't blow up in the real estate business.

The New Trend in Real Estate Finance

Sweden Sweden — A new trend is breaking through in Sweden where other forms of financing are chosen over bank financing. Some of Sweden’s top real estate companies share with Nordic Property News what forms they choose – and why.

Balder Acquires Four Hotel Properties in Copenhagen

Denmark Denmark — Balder has agreed to acquire four hotel properties in central Copenhagen for approximately SEK 1 billion (EUR 103M).