Michael Berglin leaves Serneke

Sweden Sweden — After eleven years at Serneke, Michael Berglin has now left the company and his role as CEO. For Nordic Property News, he comments on the decision.

Serneke's CEO Doesn't Rule Out More Cut Backs: "Won't Hesitate..."

Sweden Sweden — During last weeks presentation of the year end results, Serneke's CEO Michael Berglin gave a passionate and decisive account of the company's situation after a challenging and turbulent 2022. He is disappointed with the result but at the same time determined to turn the trend around for the company and does not rule out that there may be more cut backs in the future. He also tells Nordic Property News that the company has outstanding claims for building rights in the major Gothenburg project Karlastaden that were sold in 2022.

Ready to Sell New Building Rights in the Hot Development Area

Sweden Sweden — Serneke open to new partnerships for the Karlastaden building rights.

Michael Berglin Appointed Permanent CEO of Serneke Group

Sweden Sweden — The Board of Directors of Serneke Group has appointed Michael Berglin as President and CEO. Berglin has had the role of acting CEO since February this year and will take up his permanent role immediately.

Ola Serneke Steps Down as President and CEO of Serneke Group

Sweden Sweden — Following discussions with the Board of Directors of Serneke Group, Ola Serneke has decided to step down from the role of President and CEO of Serneke Group. He will also be leaving his position as a member of the company's Board of Directors. In his role as President of Serneke Invest, Ola Serneke will retain responsibility for the company's major urban development projects.