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“There Will Be Both Positive and Negative Effects on the Norwegian Property Market”

Norway Norway — Bent Oustad, CEO of the listed real estate company Norwegian Property, tells Nordic Property News on the office investor’s actions during the crisis and which effects he sees among their tenants.

The Evolution of Aker Brygge: ”Many New Concepts”

Norway Norway — Norwegian Property’s CEO Bent Oustad on how they tackle the e-commerce threat, the Oslo focus areas and why the company is about to leave Stavanger.

Norwegian Property Sells Stavanger Property

Norway Norway — Badehusgata 33-39 Holding AS, owner of the property Badehusgata 33-39 in Stavanger, has been sold to a SPV established by Malling & Co Project Finance.

“It Is Not Every Day that We Get Such Opportunities”

Norway Norway — Norwegian Property’s CEO Bent Oustad tells Nordic Property News about the attractive acquisition in central Oslo and the strong development for the company on the Oslo Stock Exchange in 2019.

Norwegian Property: ”There Is Still Great Demand for Offices”

Norway Norway — Norwegian Property’s CEO Bent Oustad on the rental market in central Oslo and which segments that have stagnated this summer.

They Have Increased Their Profit the Most in Q2

Nordic — Nordic Property News presents the listed Nordic companies’ profit before tax during Q2.

They Have Increased Their Rental Incomes the Most in Q2

Nordic — Nordic Property News presents the Nordic listed property companies' rental income for the second quarter of 2019.

Where Norwegian Property Looks for Future Assets

Norway Norway — Listed company Norwegian Property’s CEO Bent Oustad on why rental income is weaker than expected, which areas in Norway are their main focus and why the prime yield concept is outdated.

…and This Company Pays Best to its Employees

Nordic — Nordic Property News lists the best average salaries in the listed real estate companies in the Nordics.

Winners and Losers on the Stock Market in March

Nordic — Nordic Property News has the complete list of how the Nordic real estate and construction market performed on the stock exchange in March.

NPRO Makes Hasle Acquisition

Norway Norway — Norwegian Property has entered into an agreement to purchase 'Vinslottet' at Hasle in Oslo. Sellers are Profier AS and Hasle Utvikling AS which is owned by Höegh Eiendom AS,

Norwegian Property Divests in Stavanger

Norway Norway — Norwegian Property (NPRO) sells the Forus properties to V20 Invest and 50 percent of the Badehusgata 33-39 to Camar Eiendom and Agera Eiendom.

Veidekke Acquires From Norwegian Property – Will Build New Head Quarters

Norway Norway — Veidekke has entered into a contract with Norwegian Property to buy Nedre Skøyenvei 24-26 in Oslo, with takeover in March 2019. Veidekke wants to develop the site to build new headquarters for the Group and build several hundred homes.

Skjelle New CEO of Norwegian Property

Norway Norway — The Board of Directors of Norwegian Property has appointed Svein Hov Skjelle as the company´s new Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Olav Line New CEO at Selvaag Bolig

Norway Norway — Olav Line has resigned from his position as CEO for Norwegian Property and assumes the position at Selvaag Bolig.