Sharam Rahi about the journey from Iran to Balder

Nordic — Balder's Deputy CEO, Sharam Rahi, participated in Nordic Property News event Stora Kontorsdagen Gothenburg. There he talked about his family's flight from Iran, when he first came in contact with the real estate industry and how he and Erik Selin came to lay the foundation for one of Sweden's largest real estate companies over coffee and cigarettes.

Antti Aarnio Appointed Sato's Acting President and CEO

Finland Finland — Sato's Board of Directors has appointed Antti Aarnio, 48, as the President and CEO of Sato, starting on December 18, 2020. Antti Aarnio acts as President and CEO until a permanent CEO is appointed. Aarnio also continues in his position as EVP, Rental Housing Business.

Sato Closing in on New CEO: "A Very Interesting Candidate"

Finland Finland — For over a year, Sharam Rahi has been acting CEO of Balder's Finnish subsidiary Sato - but that time may be coming to an end. Balder's Deputy CEO tells Nordic Property News about the process of finding a successor at Sato, his time as CEO and about Sato's work during the pandemic.

The Finnish Challenges for the Swedish CEO

Finland Finland — Balder’s Deputy CEO Sharam Rahi tells Nordic Property News about his position as CEO of Sato, the changes in the management and how he manage the dual positions.

EVP Leaves Sato

Finland Finland — Sato’s EVP, Rental Housing Business, Antti Asteljoki has resigned and leaves the company on 4th February 2020. Sato's EVP, Investments Antti Aarnio, has been appointed also as the head of Rental Housing Business. Aarnio will take on the position without delay.

Erik Selin: "It Is Easy to Make Great Deals"

Finland Finland — The Swedish real estate profile and Balder's CEO Erik Selin on the journey with Finland's largest housing developer Sato since the entry four years ago, why his close colleague Sharam Rahi takes the CEO position in the company and his view on the Finnish residential market.

Sharam Rahi Appointed Acting President and CEO of Sato

Finland Finland — Sato Corporation's Board of Directors has appointed Sharam Rahi, 46, the President and CEO of Sato, starting from September 1, 2019. Mr. Rahi acts as President and CEO until a permanent CEO is appointed. Mr. Rahi is the Vice CEO at Fastighets AB Balder, the main owner of Sato.

”I Think We Will See More Deals Like These”

Sweden Sweden — Sharam Rahi, deputy CEO of Swedish giant Balder, shares his view on the future of Gothenburg and what deals he expects to see more of.