Veidekke's Upcoming Challenges: "Not Satisfied with the Current Level of Profitability"

Norway Norway — Veidekke's EVP Jimmy Bengtsson succeeds Arne Giske and will now be Group CEO of the Norwegian construction giant. He tells Nordic Property News about the new role, how life will change and how profitability will increase.

Jimmy Bengtsson Appointed CEO of Veidekke

Norway Norway — Jimmy Bengtsson has been appointed new Group CEO of Veidekke ASA. Bengtsson will succeed Arne Giske, who has decided to step down after six years. Bengtsson takes over as Group CEO 1 September 2019.

"Full Speed Ahead in the Norwegian Construction Industry"

Norway Norway — Building giant Veidekke's CEO Arne Giske on the Q1 result, why they are doing well in Norway but see slower progress in Sweden and in which segment he expects great growth going forward.

Svein Richard Brandtzæg Nominated as New Chairman of Veidekke

Norway Norway — Svein Richard Brandtzæg has been nominated as new chair of the board of directors of Veidekke ASA.

Veidekke to Build for Entra

Norway Norway — Entra ASA has awarded Veidekke Entreprenør the contract to build a new university building for the Faculty of Law in the centre of Oslo. This is a turnkey contract valued at MNOK 528 (EUR 58M), excluding VAT.

Veidekke Acquires From Norwegian Property – Will Build New Head Quarters

Norway Norway — Veidekke has entered into a contract with Norwegian Property to buy Nedre Skøyenvei 24-26 in Oslo, with takeover in March 2019. Veidekke wants to develop the site to build new headquarters for the Group and build several hundred homes.