"Veidekke has long been on the lookout for a project to develop at Skøyen for new headquarters. This property is perfectly suited to developing modern headquarters, and we can also develop and build more than 400 homes in an extremely attractive area. Here we can exploit our expertise both as a construction and property development company, and we also envision contributing to developing Skøyen as a future-oriented city district," says Veidekke´s CEO and President Arne Giske.

Nedre Skøyenvei 24-26 is centrally located at Skøyen, one of Norway's largest and fastest-growing traffic hubs. The site is 22,600 sqm in size, and is currently developed for commercial purposes. Nordic Property will own and manage the existing buildings until takeover in March 2019.

The purchase price is MNOK 799 (€87 M), of which MNOK 749 (€81 M) is due upon takeover and MNOK 50 (€5.4 M) is due on entry into contract.