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“We Work Diligently to Improve Safety”

A successful, but also turbulent, year has ended for construction and building giant Veidekke. Lars Erik Lund, Executive Vice President, on the result in 2018 and the tragic incidents where two employees died in workplace accidents.

Veidekke Sells Logistics Project

The Norwegian contruction company Veidekke Eiendom AS has entered into an agreement with Pareto Eiendomsfellesskap AS for the sale of a commercial property located in Berghagan Industrial Park in Ski Municipality.

Largest Norwegian Companies – on Social Media

Nordic Property News has charted how influential the listed housing, construction and real estate companies are on social media. Here is the industry's most powerful in Norway.

Martin Mæland on the JV with Ilija Batljan: ”Not an Easy Thing”

The Norwegian building and real estate profile Martin Mæland about the cooperation with Ilija Batljan, the differences over decades and why Kristiansand is an interesting area.

Veidekke Forms New Company for Commercial Property Development

Veidekke Bostad and STOS Fastigheter are forming a joint venture, Veidekke Kommersiellt AB, which will also become an independent business unit within Veidekke. The company will focus on the development of offices, community service properties and hotels, with a special focus on metropolitan areas in Sweden.

Veidekke to Build for Entra

Entra ASA has awarded Veidekke Entreprenør the contract to build a new university building for the Faculty of Law in the centre of Oslo. This is a turnkey contract valued at MNOK 528 (EUR 58M), excluding VAT.

Veidekke and Anthon B Nilsen to Build in Oslo

Veidekke's subsidiary Norske Stålbygg AS has signed a contract with Anthon B Nilsen Eiendom AS to build a combined warehouse and logistics building for Blomsterringen and Primafloor at Lahaugmoen outside Oslo. The value of the contract is MNOK 156 (EUR 16.8M) excluding VAT.

Veidekke To Build Environmentally-certified Offices in Malmö

Wihlborgs has awarded Veidekke the contract to build the Sirius office building in the Nyhamn development area in Malmö. All of Wihlborgs' properties are given environmental certification, and Sirius will have the highest classification, which is Miljöbyggnad Gold. The project is a collaborative contract valued nearly €20 M (SEK 180 million).

Veidekke to Build Diagonale at Bjørvika

Veidekke Entreprenør has signed a contract with A9 Palekaia AS (50 percent Thongård AS and 50 percent HAV Eiendom AS) to build the whole of the major Diagonale project next to the Opera House in the centre of Oslo, where TV2 will be the largest tenant. This is a turnkey contract valued at approx. € 84 M.

Veidekke Wins Billion-Contract For Thon in Oslo

Veidekke Entreprenør is to build a major project totalling 60,000 sqm in size at Storo in Oslo, which includes a hotel, a large cineplex, retail premises, 149 apartments and a day care centre. The contract for Thon Storo ANS is a turnkey contract valued at NOK 1 billion excluding VAT (€103 M).

Major Contract for Veidekke in Drammen

Veidekke Entreprenør has entered into a contract with Vestaksen Eiendom to build Bragernes Kvartal in the centre of Drammen. The contract includes erecting a six and seven storey building with 125 apartments and retail premises at street level. The value of the contract is €33.50 M excluding VAT.

Veidekke to Build new Oppsal Centre in Oslo

Veidekke Entreprenør has signed a contract with OBOS to build the new Oppsal Centre in eastern Oslo with around 200 residential units and 5,000 sqm of non-residential property. The contract is valued at MNOK 525 (€57 M) excluding VAT.

Veidekke Acquires From Norwegian Property – Will Build New Head Quarters

Veidekke has entered into a contract with Norwegian Property to buy Nedre Skøyenvei 24-26 in Oslo, with takeover in March 2019. Veidekke wants to develop the site to build new headquarters for the Group and build several hundred homes.

Veidekke to Build New Project in Lillestrøm

Veidekke Entreprenør has signed a contract with Kvartal 33 AS to build 117 flats and 2,000 sqm of commercial premises in Storgata in Lillestrøm.

Veidekke to Build 127 Homes at Løren i Oslo

Veidekke Entreprenør has signed a contract with Lørenvangen Utvikling AS, which is jointly owned by OBOS Nye Hjem and Veidekke Eiendom, to build the third and fourth stages of the Gartnerløkka development. The two stages comprise 127 homes and a parking cellar. The total sales value of the homes is NOK 491 million (€ 51,98 M).

Record Quarter for Veidekke’s Residential Sales

Veidekke sold a total of 462 residences during Q1. That is Veidekke’s so far strongest quarter for the company’s residential sales.