In Mariakvartalet, 246 apartments, a kindergarten, shops, restaurants and cultural facilities will be built. The homes will be certified as Very Good in accordance with the BREEAM-NOR manual. In addition, greenhouse gas emissions will be reduced by at least 20%, the construction site will be fossil-free, and there are strict requirements to separation at source and minimising waste. The project was designed by Lund+Slaatto Arkitekter.

At the end of May, Veidekke was awarded the NOK 260 million commission to build the first part of the basement, and with the new commission the basement will be completed. In the basement floors there will be storage rooms, various common areas and common functions in addition to parking for bicycles and cars.

“We have experienced a great deal of interest in Mariakvartalet, and have sold more than 60 apartments in recent weeks. This sales success means that we are on track with the project and can put the next sales stage on the market as early as before Christmas. OSU has high demands towards both quality and sustainable solutions, and Veidekke has shown that they understand our goals and have the expertise to implement our ambitious plans. We’re looking forward to working closely together at Mariakvartalet," says Jostein Ådalen, Project Manager at OSU.

Veidekke has been involved in a lot of construction in Bjørvika, including the Opera, Munch Museum, Oslo Atrium, Diagonale and the Sørengstranda residential project. OSU is behind many of the developments in Bjørvika, including Barcode and the Vannkunsten residential project that won the 2021 Building of the Year Award.

The assignement is included in Veidekke’s order book for the fourth quarter. The contract between Veidekke and OSU for the entire Mariakvartalet project is NOK 1.037 billion excluding VAT. The remainder of the contract sum will be included in Veidekke’s order book when sufficient sales for further commencement have been achieved.