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Largest Swedish Companies – on Social Media

Nordic Property News has charted how influential the listed housing, construction and real estate companies are on social media. Here is the industry's ten most powerful in Sweden.

“That Year was a Sad Story”

2018 was another great year for Bonava. Three stabile markets in the Nordic Region and now they are bouncing back in Finland after an earlier EBIT struggle.

Bonava Sells in Bergen

Bonava is selling a rental project in Bergen to a Norwegian housing company. The transaction encompasses 94 apartments and the price amounts to approximate MSEK 211 (EUR 24M). The project is expected to be handed over to the investor and recognised in profit in the third quarter of 2020.

Bonava Sells in Germany

Bonava is selling two rental projects in Dresden and Leipzig, Germany, to the property company Industria Wohnen. The transaction encompasses a total of 181 rental apartments. The total sales price amounts to approximately MSEK 475 (EUR 46M). The project in Dresden encompasses 116 apartments while the Leipzig project includes 65 apartments. The transactions will be recognised in profit during the second quarter of 2021 and the fourth quarter of 2020.

Bonava Sells Apartments in Gothenburg

Bonava is selling a rental project in Tuve, Gothenburg to Västerstaden. The price amounts to MSEK 496 (EUR 48M) and the transaction is contingent upon the issue of a building permit. The project comprises 209 rental apartments and will be recognised in profit in the first and third quarters of 2021.

Bonava Sells in the HMA

Bonava is selling a rental project in Espoo and Vantaa in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area to the investor Icecapital. The transaction encompasses a total of 91 rental apartments.

Bonava Acquires Land in Västerås

Bonava has concluded an agreement for the acquisition of land from the municipal property company Mimer at Öster Mälarstrand in Västerås, Sweden. The site is located in an area where Bonava will construct about 550 housing units. Construction is scheduled to commence in 2019.

Bonava Sells in Stockholm

Bonava carries out investor transaction and sells 66 rental apartments in Ursvik to Willhem.

Bonava Divests Copenhagen Project

Bonava is selling a rental project in the Køge Kyst district outside Copenhagen, Denmark. The purchaser is the PFA Ejendomme A/S pension fund, and the transaction covers two projects with a total of 137 rental apartments. The projects are expected to be handed over to the customer and recognised in the second respectively the fourth quarter 2020.

Bonava Sells to Icecapital

Bonava is selling a rental project in the Kivistö district of Vantaa, Finland. The purchaser is the investor Icecapital Housing Fund IV Ky and the transaction encompasses 110 rental apartments.

Bonava Sells 106 Apartments in Tampere

Bonava is selling a rental project in Lielahti, Tampere. The buyer is the investor Localtapiola Real Estate Ltd and the transaction encompasses 106 rental apartments. 

"Denmark Has Recovered After a Tough Period"

Bonava continues to invest on the Danish market. The company's CFO Ann-Sofi Danielsson tells Nordic Property News about the future in Greater Copenhagen and why they are not looking outside the capital.

Bovana's Light in the Tunnel on the Turbulent Housing Market

Late last week Bovana announced that they are selling a rental project in Linköping to Bantorget Hyresbostäder. Bovana CFO Ann-Sofi Danielsson tells Nordic Property News why they view deals like this as the future, on a turbulent housing market.

Bonava the Largest Residential Developer in Latvia

Based on the number of newly constructed apartments registered and sold, Bonava Latvia has become the country’s largest residential development company, according to aggregate property market data. These results were taken from the annual market survey Residential Market Report. Riga City and other regions. 2017 Q4, performed by the property company Latio, which compiles and compares figures for various players in the industry.

The Largest Swedish Residential Transactions

Nordic Property News completes the breakdown of Swedish residential buyers and sellers with a list of the ten largest residential transactions in 2017/2018. The data has been collected by Pangea Property Partners.

Bonava Sells Apartments in Vantaa

Bonava has carried out an investor transaction in Vantaa. The purchaser was the investor Icecapital Housing Fund IV Ky and the transaction encompassed 75 rental apartments.

Bonava Sells to Willhem in Malmö

Bonava is selling a rental project in the Elinegård district of Malmö, Sweden, to the housing company Willhem. The project comprises 90 rental apartments and the sales price amounts to approximately EUR 17M.

"Germany Will Be Our Largest Market"

After the MSEK 850 (EUR 86M) divestmet, Bonava has made an impression in Germany. The company’s CFO Ann-Sofi Danielsson tells Nordic Property News about leaving the home country and how the German market will grow for Bonava.

Bonava Sells 71 Rental Apartments in Berlin

Bonava is selling a residential project in Berlin, Germany, to the housing company Gewobag. This is the first project sold to Gewobag and consists of 71 rental apartments and four commercial premises. The sale price totals about MSEK 120 (EUR 12M). 

Bonava Acquires Land and Creates Housing Units in Botkyrka

Bonava has signed an agreement to acquire a property from Stenhus Förvaltning Stockholm. The property is located in central Tumba in Botkyrka municipality, an area where Bonava plans to construct about 350 housing units.  

Bonava Completes First Investor Transaction in Bergen

Bonava has sold a housing project in Bergen to the investor Utleiebolig AS. The project consists of 70 rental apartments. 

Bonava Sells in Espoo

Bonava is selling 119 rental apartments in Perrkka, Espoo, to the investor OP-Rental Yield.

Bonava Purchases in Bergen

Bonava has made an acquisition deal for land in Bergen at the price of approximately EUR 28M. The plan is to erect approximately 300 apartments.

Bonava Sells Rental Apartments in Espoo

Bonava is selling a rental project in Espoo, Finland, to the investor Ice Capital Housing Fund IV Ky. The project comprises 78 rental apartments in a single property.

NCC to Construct Property Block in Uppsala

NCC has been commissioned by Bonava to build Kapellgärdet Arena, comprising 152 tenant-owner apartments in Uppsala city center. The order value is approximately EUR 26M.