Veidekke Builds New Warehouse at Gardermoen

Norway Norway — Veidekke Logistikkbygg has signed a contract with Olav Thon Eiendom (Gardermoen Park AS) for the construction of Felleskjøpet's new central warehouse at Gardermoen.

Pareto Purchases on Gardermoen

Norway Norway — Pareto Eiendomsfellesskap II has purchased a new construction and future warehouse for Bane NOR on Gardemoen for EUR 10M.

Hemfosa Buys from Aspelin Ramm

Norway Norway — Hemfosa acquires the remaining holding of 35 percent in the existing Gardermoen Campus Utvikling AS, GCU, which has been a joint venture with the property development company Aspelin Ramm Eiendom AS.