Balder to Develop Salem’s Town Centre Outside Stockholm

Sweden Sweden — The property company Balder is one of three actors that have obtained a land allocation and, among other things, is planning three residential blocks with about 350 apartments and a new civic hall in Salem’s new town centre.

Peab to Build Tenant-Owner Apartments in Uppsala

Sweden Sweden — Peab has been commissioned to build 93 tenant-owner apartments in Librobäck in Uppsala Municipality. The customer is HSB Produktion i Uppsala HB and the contract is worth SEK 190 million.

NCC to Build Residential Units for HSB Gothenburg

Sweden Sweden — In collaboration with HSB Gothenburg, NCC will construct 135 tenant-owner apartments in Gothenburg. The apartments will form the HSB brf Sannaparken block and are a part of the new Fixfabiken residential area that is being developed in Majorna, western Gothenburg. The order value is approximately SEK 285 million.

Castellum and HSB to Cooperate in Hagastaden

Sweden Sweden — Castellum is stepping in as a project partner with the HSB Bostad cooperative housing association for two city blocks of Hagastaden, where Castellum will erect, own and manage all of the commercial spaces. An estimate for the relevant area is 10,000 sqm.

Kungsleden Divests Property in Umeå

Sweden Sweden — Kungsleden divests the property Aspgärdan 18 in Umeå in two separate transactions. The divestments are in line with Kungsleden’s strategy to sell real estates with residential development potential.

The Starting Point for Research at HSB Living Lab

Sweden Sweden — The research for sustainable accommodation has been initiated. This was celebrated by researchers from all over the world telling us about their visions and goals. Helene Hellmark Knutsson, Minister for Higher Education and Research, delivered the inaugural speech, which highlighted the importance of the collaboration between industry and the academy.