Heimstaden's massive divestment plan

Nordic — In a new major plan, Heimstaden Bostad will turn its focus to the privatization of housing in five markets. The goal is to establish the BBB rating and pay off debts. When Christian Fladeland, Deputy CEO made his first presentation at the third quarterly report, the privatization was the big question and how this sale will affect the company.

Heimstaden pushes back on news regarding its financial situation

Nordic — Heimstaden Bostad is not in need of an equity injection, the company writes in a press release. The comment is given against the background of the fact that they have been written about as a company in crisis with high indebtedness, but according to the company there are misconceptions about this that they want to clear up.

Heimstaden Makes Changes in its Management Team

Nordic — Heimstaden AB is making changes in its Management Team. Arve Regland, who has held a combined CFO position in Heimstaden AB and Fredensborg AS, will take the more strategic role as Group CFO of Fredensborg AS, as Thomas Alexander Hansen is appointed CFO of Heimstaden AB.

Patrik Hall Steps Down as Heimstaden CEO – Helge Krogsbøl Succeeds

Nordic — Patrik Hall has after more than 20 years decided to leave his position and continue as Senior Advisor and member of the Group Investment Committee. Helge Krogsbøl, Heimstaden’s COO, takes over as CEO from 1 Jan 2023.

Heimstaden Recruits New Chief Operations Officer

Nordic — Heimstaden has appointed Helge Krogsbøl as Chief Operations Officer. Helge Krogsbøl will be responsible for Heimstaden's Scandinavian management organization with a focus on growth and customer experience.