The Result of The Tender Offers for Green Bonds Issued by Hemfosa

Sweden Sweden — SBB announces the result of the tender offers and written procedures for the outstanding SEK denominated senior unsecured floating rate green bonds due 2022 issued by Hemfosa.

SBB Develops a New Police Station in Sälen

Sweden Sweden — Samhällsbyggnadsbolaget i Norden (SBB), via its subsidiary Hemfosa, develops another police station. The Police Authority’s property management division has commissioned SBB to build a police station in Sälen, Sweden, totalling 3,500 sqm.

Why the Head of Finland Left Hemfosa – After Just a Few Months

Finland Finland — Essi Sten tells Nordic Property News on the decision to leave Hemfosa for Taaleri: ”An opportunity not to miss.”

After Ilija Batljan's Major Acquisition: Country Manager Leaves Hemfosa

Nordic — One of Hemfosa’s most profiled appointments leaves the company after just a few months. This will be the next step.

SBB Controls 91.2 Percent of the Shares in Hemfosa

Sweden Sweden — On 15 November 2019, Samhällsbyggnadsbolaget i Norden (SBB) announced a recommended public offer to the shareholders of Hemfosa Fastigheter. On 23 December 2019, SBB announced that it controlled 87.8 percent of the shares in Hemfosa after the initial acceptance period and that it extended the acceptance period in the Offer. Now, SBB declares that it controls approximately 91.2 percent of the shares in Hemfosa.

Hemfosa Acquires in Finland and Sweden

Nordic — Hemfosa has acquired 11 modern healthcare properties in Finland and two properties in Sweden at an underlying property value of approximately MSEK 650. The acquisition of the healthcare properties means Hemfosa’s community service properties offering in Finland is now complete, entirely in line with the company’s strategic initiative in the Finnish market.

Hemfosa's Finnish Expansion Plans

Finland Finland — Hemfosa's Head of Transactions Anna Alsborger on the benefits in Finland, how big the company wants to be in the country and whether SBB's EUR 2.19 billion bid will affect future transactions.

Hemfosa Acquires Properties in Tampere and Oulu for EUR 57M

Finland Finland — Hemfosa has acquired two properties in Finland for an underlying property value of approximately MSEK 600 (EUR 57M) and a total rental value of about MSEK 70.

SBB Receives Competition Clearance for the Acquisition of Hemfosa

Sweden Sweden — SBB has now received clearance from the Swedish Competition Authority (Sw. Konkurrensverket) to acquire Hemfosa. As a result, completion of the Offer is no longer conditional upon receipt of regulatory clearances, but remains subject to other conditions as set out in the offer document regarding the Offer.

Hemfosa Awarded Land Allocation and Starts Several Projects

Sweden Sweden — Hemfosa has been awarded a land allocation for a property block in central Falun and is planning a new build comprising approximately 15,000 square meters ideal for community service operations and public-sector offices. Hemfosa is also increasing the pace of its project operations with the initiation of three school projects.

SBB Makes EUR 2.19 billion Bid for Hemfosa

Sweden Sweden — Ilija Batljan's Samhällsbyggnadsbolaget (SBB) announces a recommended public offer to the shareholders of Hemfosa to acquire all the common shares and preference shares. The common shares and preference shares in Hemfosa are admitted to trading on Nasdaq Stockholm, Large Cap. SBB’s Class B common shares and Class D common shares are admitted to trading on Nasdaq Stockholm, Large Cap.

Hemfosa’s Chairman: ”Of Course I Was Surprised”

Sweden Sweden — After SBB’s EUR 2.19 billion bid on the listed community service property company Hemfosa: Bengt Kjell, Chairman of the Board at Hemfosa, shares his view on the bid.

Hemfosa to Invest SEK 114 Million in Property in Gothenburg

Sweden Sweden — Hemfosa is to invest just over MSEK 114 in the renovation and tenant-specific modification of an existing, vacant property in central Gothenburg, Sweden. The property will be leased to SOS Alarm with a 20-year lease.

Hemfosa Issues Green Senior Unsecured Bonds of MSEK 800

Sweden Sweden — Hemfosa has successfully issued a senior unsecured green bond loan in the total amount of MSEK 800 under a framework of MSEK 1,000. The bond loan has a tenor of 3 years and a floating interest rate of STIBOR three months plus 210 bps and will mature on 3 October 2022.

The Nordic Top Buyers in the Second Quarter

Nordic — Nordic Property News presents how much the listed Nordic real estate companies acquired in the second quarter of 2019.

Hemfosa Purchases Office Portfolio in Espoo and Helsinki

Finland Finland — Hemfosa has acquired an office portfolio, with a majority of community services sector tenants, at an underlying property value of approximately MSEK 465 (MEUR 46).

The CEO on the Recruitments: "A Step Towards Realizing Business Opportunities"

Nordic — Hemfosa's CEO Caroline Arehult talks about the recent key recruitments and whether the transaction pace will increase in Norway and Finland.

Hemfosa Appoints New Head of Finland from Patrizia

Finland Finland — Essi Sten has been recruited as new head of Hemfosa’s operations in Finland. She has extensive experience from senior positions in the property sector, most recently as Country Manager and Head of Asset Management at Patrizia Finland Oy. Essi Sten will assume her position after the summer. With an operational presence in Finland, Hemfosa will accelerate its efforts to grow in the expansive Finnish market for community service properties.

Henrik Melder Leaves Entra for Hemfosa

Norway Norway — Henrik Melder has been recruited as new head of Hemfosa’s operations in Norway. He has extensive experience from senior positions in the property sector, most recently as Head of Leasing at Entra ASA.

Hemfosa Acquires in Two Cities

Sweden Sweden — Hemfosa has acquired a property in Mariestad at an underlying property value of MSEK 274. Also, the company acquires school and office properties in Eskilstuna at a value of just over MSEK 650.

Jenny Asmundsson New Head of Business Development at Hemfosa

Nordic — Jenny Asmundsson has been recruited to the newly established position as Head of Business Development at Hemfosa Fastigheter.

Hemfosa Acquires in Sweden, Norway and Finland

Nordic — Hemfosa has made acquisitions in all three markets for a total underlying property value of approximately MSEK 575 and annual rental income of about MSEK 42. The acquisitions in Sweden and Norway complement the existing portfolio in locations where Hemfosa already owns properties and offer potential for development. Hemfosa is also entering the preschool segment in Finland with the acquisition of four preschools in Oulu.

How Hemfosa will Become Leaders in Community Service Properties

Nordic — Hemfosa is active in three Nordic countries. The new company CEO, Caroline Arehult, speaks of the differences, the big social responsibility that lies on the company and how the new business plan was formed.

Hemfosa Presents Updated Strategy and New Financial Targets

Sweden Sweden — Following the decision to distribute Nyfosa to the ordinary shareholders, Hemfosa Fastigheter has worked on preparing a strategy and business plan for the next few years. This process has resulted in new financial targets and a new dividend policy that have now been adopted by the Hemfosa Board of Directors. These targets include property portfolio growth from slightly more than SEK 35 billion to SEK 50 billion in property value within five years.

Hemfosa Strengthens its Transaction Team

Sweden Sweden — Hemfosa Fastigheter is strengthening its transaction team, employing Hanna Fjeldgård and David Träff as project managers. Both bring solid expertise from complex and value-generating property transactions, and will strengthen Hemfosa’s opportunities for consolidating its strong position in community service properties in the Nordic region. They will take up their positions in March 2019.