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Castellum Recruits Helsinki Business Area Manager from Sponda

Henrik Stadigh has been recruited for a newly created position as Business Area Manager for Castellum in Helsinki. He arrives most recently from his role as Senior Vice President at the Sponda real estate company. Henrik Stadigh comes to Castellum with extensive experience from several management posts within the real estate sector, including senior management roles for Business Areas within the shopping-centre and real-estate-fund sectors.

Castellum Enters Large Stockholm Project

The City of Stockholm is proposing a land allocation agreement to Castellum, regarding three blocks of offices and residences in Hagastaden. Total investment for the acquisition of building rights has been calculated to approx. MSEK 800 (EUR 77M). Construction is scheduled to begin in the first quarter of 2021, with occupancy in 2024, at the earliest.

How Castellum will Expand Coworking in the Nordic Region

After the acquisition of United Spaces – more coworking spaces on the way into the Nordic countries. "Great interest in all cities".

Castellum Buys United Spaces

Castellum buys 100 percent of United Spaces, the leading coworking company in the Nordics, for MSEK 200 (EUR 19M).

Castellum's Plans for Finland

The Swedish giant showed strong results in their financial statements. Now they plan on conquering the Finnish market. CEO Henrik Saxborn tells Nordic Property News why they chose to establish a business in the country, which segment applies, and what the acquisition plans look like.

Castellum Recruits Investments Director from NCC

Linked to strong growth initiatives, Castellum has recruited a Investments Director and Vice-president with substantial experience from the real estate world. Carola Lavén arrives from her previous role as Head of NCC Property Development, where she has also participated in the Executive team.

Castellum and Lilium in Massive Swap Transaction

Castellum has completed an exchange transaction with Fastighetsaktiebolaget Lilium, wherein Castellum will acquire six properties in Linköping, and sell twenty properties in Sundsvall. The value of the transaction is SEK 5.2 billion (EUR 506M). Vacancy/Occupancy dates occur March 1, 2019.

Castellum Shifts Focus – Stockholm MD Leaves the Company

Castellum increases focus on logistics and offices. With the shifting focus the company makes change at the top. Anders Nilsson, Managing Director for Region Stockholm-North, leaves the company effective immediately.

Castellum Invests EUR 116M in New Premises for The Swedish Courts

The government has approved the Swedish Court (Domstolsverket) tenancy application and a rental agreement has been signed between the Swedish Courts and Castellum. Castellum is planning new construction of 25 000 sq.m. modern courtroom premises in the centrally situated Nyhamnen area of Malmö. The investment, calculated at SEK 1.2 billion (EUR 116M), constitutes a significant part of Castellum’s strategy towards further growth in the Öresund area, and is one of Castellum’s largest projects of al

Castellum's Climate Targets Approved by the SBT Initiative

Castellum is the first Nordic real estate company to have its climate objectives approved by the Science Based Targets (SBT) initiative. Castellum’s primary goal is to reach 100 percent climate neutrality throughout company operations by 2030, thereby supporting the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, as well as national ambitions for a fossil-free Sweden.

Castellum's CIO Leaves the Company

CIO Erika Olsén has decided to leave Castellum for a new assignment outside the group. She is employed until December 31 and will remain in office until successor has been appointed.

”Our Ambition is to Become One of the Major Property Owners in Helsinki”

Castellum, one of Sweden’s largest listed real estate companies, makes their entrance into the Finnish market with a EUR 81M acquisition from Skandia. Henrik Saxborn, CEO of Castellum, tells Nordic Property News of the strategy to grow in more Nordic markets, how much they are looking to invest in Finland and why he believes a player like Castellum is missing in Helsinki.

Castellum Enters Finland with EUR 81M Acquisition

Castellum has acquired a substantial property in central Helsinki from Skandia, thereby establishing itself as a major player in a new attractive market.

Castellum Invests in Reconstruction in Stockholm

The Sabbatsberg 24 property, which served as Stockholm Vatten’s headquarters from the early 1900’s, was a well-known landmark in central Stockholm when acquired by Castellum in 2017. Phase one of the reconstruction is now underway.

Castellum Invests in Logistics Area in Brunna

Castellum has begun construction of a warehouse and logistics building in Brunna, part of the Kungsängen area, just outside Stockholm.

Castellum Buys and Sells in the Greater Gothenburg Area

Castellum carries out an exchange deal with Wallenstam, wherein Castellum acquires two properties – including building rights zoned for office space – in Gothenburg, while selling two properties in Kallebäck and in Mölnlycke city-centre.

Klövern and Castellum Makes Major Swap

In a deal with Castellum, Klövern acquires nine properties in Mölndal and Partille, and divests all of Klövern's 14 properties in Borås. Transfer of possession will be on April 1st 2017.

High-Profile Property Sold in Central Stockholm

Castellum is planning to acquire Sabbatsberg 24 in Stockholm – the well-known Ferdinand Boberg building near Torsgatan, which housed Stockholm Vatten’s headquarters until last year. The acquisition rests on a final decision by the Stockholm City Council in March.

Castellum to Form New Regions

Castellum has initiated a process to reduce the number of regions from five to four. Meanwhile, the managing director of the region North, Jörgen Lundgren, has decided to leave the company.

Castellum Sells for EUR 50M in Luleå

Castellum has completed the sale of an office property in Luleå, Lejonet 11, of approximately 21,800 sq.m.

Castellum Sells Properties in Sundsvall and Östersund

Castellum has completed a sale of four properties in Sundsvall and six properties in Östersund for a total of EUR 48M.

Klövern Acquires Properties from Castellum for EUR 94M

Klövern acquires 21 properties in Malmö and 7 properties in Lund for MSEK 910 (EUR 94M). Of these in total 28 properties, 9 are site leaseholds. The property portfolio encompasses in total 114,000 sq.m. of lettable area, whereof Malmö accounts for 88,000 sq.m. and Lund 26,000 sq.m. The seller is Castellum.

Castellum Invests in Stockholm

Castellum has started two new constructions in Smista area in Huddinge, Stockholm, where the total investment is calculated to MSEK 222 (€23M).

Castellum Gains Access to Norrporten

Castellum gains access to Norrporten and resolves on issue in kind and transfer of repurchased shares. “Together we create an even stronger real estate company with larger presence in important growth markets in Sweden and Copenhagen,” says Henrik Saxborn, Castellum CEO.

The Largest Deal in the Nordics Since 2008

Castellum acquires Norrporten in the largest property deal in the Nordics since 2008. Norrporten´s underlying property value is SEK 26 billion (€ 2,8 M).