Castellum's CEO on the Kielo Acquisition

Finland Finland — Castellum makes a massive investment in Finland with the acquisition of Kielo from Brunswick and Blackstone. CEO Henrik Saxborn tells Nordic Property News about the acquisition and the repositioning towards offices.

Castellum Acquires SBB's Entra Stake for NOK 3.14 billion: "Interesting Opportunity"

Norway Norway — After the unsuccessful bidding war last winter, Castellum continues to take a new step in Entra and buys SBB's share in the company for NOK 3.14 billion. CEO Henrik Saxborn tells Nordic Property News about the deal and gives his view on Entra's status.

Castellum's CFO Resigns

Sweden Sweden — Ulrika Danielsson has informed the company that she has decided to leave her position as CFO of Castellum. She has been employed by the company since 1998, finance director since 2006 and CFO since 2014.

The Development of the Stockholm Rental Levels

Sweden Sweden — The development of the rental levels in Stockholm continues to be a question of great interest. Henrik Saxborn, CEO of Castellum, gives his view of the rental situation in the Swedish capital.

Henrik Saxborn Steps Down as Castellum CEO

Sweden Sweden — Henrik Saxborn has informed the Board of Castellum that he will leave his position as CEO in 2021. Henrik Saxborn was appointed as CEO in 2013 and before that he was Deputy CEO of Castellum since 2006.

After Saxborn’s Resignation: How the Castellum Board Moves Forward

Sweden Sweden — The main owner and Chairman of Castellum, Rutger Arnhult, on CEO Henrik Saxborn leaving Castellum: “The decision is entirely Henrik's and has only to do with what he wants to do in the future.”

The Battle for Entra – From Start to Finish

Nordic — Not since Erling Braut Haaland was set to leave Red Bull Salzburg for a bigger European club has the interest been as high for a Norwegian player. A bidding war for the Entra shares broke out between Castellum and SBB – with Balder taking a corner position. After months of twists and turns both the Swedish giants withdrew their offers. Nordic Property News sets the timeline for the battle.

SBB Leaves Entra Bid – Castellum Increases Its Holding

Norway Norway — Castellum has acquired 2,298,504 shares in Entra. The other bidder, SBB, throws in the towel.

Castellum's CEO on the Withdrawn Entra Offer

Norway Norway — Henrik Saxborn on what happens now with the Entra holdings, and the next step in the giant Blackstone deal.

Castellum Withdraws Voluntary Entra Offer

Norway Norway — Castellum has not received sufficient acceptances of the offer in order for the minimum acceptance threshold pursuant to the Offer Document Section 4.12 to be met.

”There Is No Drama in the Nordic Office Markets”

Nordic — Despite the pandemic Castellum show strong figures for 2020. Going into the new year CEO Henrik Saxborn explains why he does not see drama in the Nordic office markets and what companies will be the winners on the office markets going forward.

Castellum Doesn't Give Up on Entra: ”Together We Can Create Something Amazing”

Norway Norway — Castellum's CEO Henrik Saxborn on the revised offer to acquire the majority of the shares in the Norwegian heavyweight Entra, and the recent blockbuster divestment to the Blackstone subsidiary.

Castellum Increases Entra Offer – and Announces Major Sale to Blackstone

Sweden Sweden — On November 26, 2020, Castellum announced the intention to launch a share exchange and cash offer to eligible Entra's shareholders. Castellum now increases the consideration in the offer by 13.9% by offering each eligible Entra shareholder 8 newly issued Castellum shares for every 13 shares in Entra and NOK 54.39 in cash per share in Entra, representing a total value of NOK 1852 per Entra share excluding synergies.

Castellum Buys Classic Office Building in Helsinki

Finland Finland — Castellum has today acquired a historic office building in Helsinki, located in one of the city's most dynamic developing areas. The acquisition price amounts to EUR 23,7 million including expenses of approximately EUR 0,7 million.

“We Would Be One of the Largest Companies in Europe”

Norway Norway — Henrik Saxborn on the vision for the potential giant company, what changed during the day after the first terminated discussions with Entra, and how he views a possible bidding competition.

Castellum's Finnish Expansion Not as Expected: “Too Slow Growth in Helsinki”

Finland Finland — Henrik Saxborn, CEO of Castellum, tells Nordic Property News on the latest EUR 150 million deal in Helsinki why the competition in the city has been tougher than predicted, and investment obstacles during the current pandemic.

Castellum Purchases Property Group in Helsinki for EUR 150 Million

Finland Finland — Through a company acquisition of the Finnish real estate group Lindström Invest, Castellum has acquired a real estate portfolio in Helsinki. The transaction is carried out as a share issue in kind.

SBB Divests Five Properties for SEK 835 Million

Sweden Sweden — SBB has sold five office properties to five different buyers in five transactions. This is the result of the new divestment strategy, where the portfolio that was planned to be sold to Nyfosa. Now Castellum is one of the buyers.

Castellum Begins Construction on Malmö’s New National Courts Building

Sweden Sweden — Castellum is starting construction of Malmö’s new Swedish National Courts Administration building in the expanding Nyhamnen district of central Malmö. The area will become one of northern Europe’s largest workplaces for legal practitioners.

Castellum’s CEO: “A Number of Transactions Have Been Postponed or Cancelled”

Sweden Sweden — Henrik Saxborn, CEO of Castellum, on the Q1 figures, the company’s action during the crisis, how to help their tenants and the outlook for the rest of 2020.

The Swedish CEO on the Swiss Assignment: “A Way to Learn More”

Sweden Sweden — Castellum’s experienced CEO Henrik Saxborn tells about the new assignment in Switzerland, where he is elected the Board of the PSP Swiss Property real estate company.

Castellum's CEO Elected to the PSP Swiss Property Board

Sweden Sweden — Castellum CEO Henrik Saxborn was elected on April 9 to the Board of the PSP Swiss Property real estate company.

Castellum Appoints New Head of Transactions

Sweden Sweden — Castellum appoints Kristina Sawjani new Head of Transactions.

Castellum Begins Construction on Eon's Nordic HQ

Sweden Sweden — Castellum is moving ahead with plans to start construction of a new office building, with Eon as the major tenant, with an investment of approximately SEK 1.3 billion, including land acquisitions. The building permit has now been issued and construction will begin Q2, 2020.

Castellum Constructing New Office Building in Västerås

Sweden Sweden — Castellum is planning to erect an office building comprising 5,800 sq. m. and 5 storeys in the attractive Kopparlunden area, with direct connection to the central districts of Västerås. According to calculations, the total investment will amount to approx. MSEK 195, and construction will begin during Q1 of 2020.