Klövern Acquires Properties from Castellum for EUR 94M

Sweden Sweden — Klövern acquires 21 properties in Malmö and 7 properties in Lund for MSEK 910 (EUR 94M). Of these in total 28 properties, 9 are site leaseholds. The property portfolio encompasses in total 114,000 sq.m. of lettable area, whereof Malmö accounts for 88,000 sq.m. and Lund 26,000 sq.m. The seller is Castellum.

Castellum Invests in Stockholm

Sweden Sweden — Castellum has started two new constructions in Smista area in Huddinge, Stockholm, where the total investment is calculated to MSEK 222 (€23M).

Castellum Gains Access to Norrporten

Sweden Sweden — Castellum gains access to Norrporten and resolves on issue in kind and transfer of repurchased shares. “Together we create an even stronger real estate company with larger presence in important growth markets in Sweden and Copenhagen,” says Henrik Saxborn, Castellum CEO.

The Largest Deal in the Nordics Since 2008

Sweden Sweden — Castellum acquires Norrporten in the largest property deal in the Nordics since 2008. Norrporten´s underlying property value is SEK 26 billion (€ 2,8 M).

Castellum Acquires Remaining Assets of Former Ståhls

Sweden Sweden — Castellum has acquired the remaining 50% of CORHEI Fastighets AB (previously Henry Ståhl Fastigheter AB), through Fastighets AB Corallen, a wholly-owned subsidiary. Underlying real estate values amount to MSEK 2,083 (€225M).

Castellum Divests to Fastpartner in Stockholm

Sweden Sweden — Castellum reallocate the portfolio in Stockholm and sells, through its wholly owned subsidiary Brostaden, eleven properties to Fastpartner for MSEK 822 (€ 89M).

Castellum Invests in Reconstruction in Gothenburg

Sweden Sweden — Castellum has, through its wholly owned subsidiary Eklandia Fastighets AB, started a reconstruction of the property Majorna 163:1 in Gothenburg. The investment is calculated to MSEK 108 (€ 11.5 M), including own land for MSEK 20 (€ 2M).

Castellum’s sustainability performance stands out internationally

Sweden Sweden — Yesterday, Castellum – one of the largest listed real estate companies in Sweden – was awarded the World Green Building Council’s top distinction, Business Leadership in Sustainability, at a ceremony in Verona, Italy.

Harry Sjögren acquires in Kungsbacka

Sweden Sweden — The Castellum subsidiary Harry Sjögren has acquired a property in Kungsbacka for SEK 154 (€ 16.5 M).

Castellum/Brostaden Invests on Kungsholmen in Stockholm

Sweden Sweden — Castellum makes a strategic move to establish a presence on Kungsholmen. The acquisition is in line with Castellum´s portfolio upgrades.

Castellum Starts the Next Office Project at Lindholmen in Gothenburg

Sweden Sweden — Castellum has, through its wholly owned subsidiary Eklandia Fastighets AB, started a new construction of a high quality office building "Blenda" in the middle of the international engineering cluster at Lindholmen in Gothenburg.

Castellum and Heimstaden Enter into Major Transaction

Sweden Sweden — Castellum and Heimstaden have completed a deal involving property values worth SEK 2.4 billion (€257M). In all, the transaction comprises 27 properties, totalling 186,668 sqm in Norrköping, Linköping, Örebro and Solna. The transaction also marks the beginning of a joint venture in the urban development of Linköping and Norrköping.

Castellum Purchases in Copenhagen

Denmark Denmark — The Swedish listed real estate company Castellum purchases three properties in Copenhagen through daughter company Briggen. The investment reaches MSEK 417 (€43,7 M).