Danske Bank extends lease with Hufvudstaden

Sweden Sweden — Danske Bank is extending its lease agreement with Hufvudstaden, which will see the bank remain at its iconic 1930s site at Norrmalmstorg 1 in Stockholm.

Hufvudstaden Gets the Badge in

Sweden Sweden — Hufvudstaden signs lease with Stone Island to open a new store in Bibliotekstan in central Stockholm.

Hufvudstaden's Ambitions for the Gothenburg Market

Sweden Sweden — Hufvudstaden has started work on the development of the major project Kvarteret Johanna in Gothenburg. After the groundbreaking, CEO Anders Nygren and Head of Gothenburg Fredrik Ottosson tell Nordic Property News about the big investment and the work with the neighborhood and how they want to grow in Gothenburg in the future.

Hufvudstaden Makes Changes to its Group Management

Sweden Sweden — In conjunction with Anders Nygren taking office as President of Hufvudstaden on 1 January 2022, new managers are being appointed for the Stockholm business area and for Business development. The new managers will be part of Hufvudstaden’s Group management.

"It Will Be Important for Coworking Facilities to Find their Own Niche"

Sweden Sweden — Hufvudstaden changes in Group management and appoints Frida Wijkström as Head of the Stockholm Business Area. She tells Nordic Property News about her new role and gives her view on the future of coworking.

Hufvudstaden's Incoming CEO: "A Big Decision"

Sweden Sweden — At the turn of the year, Hufvudstaden will for the first time in the 2000s have a different CEO than Ivo Stopner. Incoming CEO Anders Nygren tells Nordic Property News about his thoughts when he received the question to take over and about the work with the handover from his representative.

Ivo Stopner on Retirement and the Remain Time at Hufvudstaden

Sweden Sweden — After 22 years at the helm of Hufvudstaden, Ivo Stopner goes into retirement at the turn of the year. He tells Nordic Property News about his decision to step down, his remaining time at the company and what he looks forward to in retirement.

Hufvudstaden and NCC to Develop City Block in Gothenburg

Sweden Sweden — A major development project is now being initiated, in the so-called "Johanna site", during which the block will undergo careful remodelling and new construction, while buildings of cultural and historical interest will be preserved.

The GameStop Frenzy: A Possible Scenario for the Property Giants?

Sweden Sweden — Joakim Bornold, Economist at Söderberg & Partners and well-known stock exchange expert: “In a real estate company it is quite easy to calculate the value.”

The Board of Hufvudstaden Has Resolved on Repurchases of Own Shares

Sweden Sweden — The Board of Directors of Hufvudstaden AB (publ) has decided to exercise its authorisation from the Annual General Meeting of March 19, 2020 to repurchase own shares.

These Are the Longest Serving Chairmen

Nordic — Which of the Nordic listed real estate companies’ Chairmen have served the longest? Nordic Property News has the list.

The Best Yields Among the Listed Nordic Companies

Nordic — Nordic Property News has listed the Nordic construction and real estate companies’ dividend yield. Here is the complete list.

The Nordic Real Estate Companies’ ICR Levels in Q2

Nordic — Nordic Property News presents figures on the interest cover ratios for the listed Nordic real estate companies.

The Real Estate Giants: "The Transaction Market Cannot Be Hotter"

Sweden Sweden — Sven-Olof Johansson, CEO of Fastpartner, Biljana Pehrsson, CEO of Kungsleden and Bo Wikare, Vice President of Hufvudstaden, on which investment opportunities are available outside Stockholm and why more and more foreign investors are looking at Sweden.

The Nordic Real Estate Companies’ ICR Levels in Q1

Nordic — Nordic Property News presents figures on the interest cover ratios for the listed Nordic real estate companies.

Big Swedish Player Converts Offices to Apartments At Unique Address

Sweden Sweden — Listed Hufvudstaden converts office facilities to apartments near famous address in central Gothenburg: “Fantastic location.”

Stockholm's Largest Owners

Sweden Sweden — Nordic Property News lists the largest owners in Sweden’s three biggest cities the list ends with the capital: Stockholm.

World Class French Fashion House to Stockholm

Sweden Sweden — The world famous French fashion house Céline opens a store in Bibliotekstan in Stockholm.

Chanel Opens its First Store in the Nordics

Sweden Sweden — In spring 2016, Chanel will open its first store in the Nordic region in one of Hufvudstaden's properties in central Stockholm.