SBB Has Reduced Its Exposure to Floating Interest Rates

Sweden Sweden — SBB has reduced its exposure to floating interest rates from 35 percent at the end of the second quarter of 2022 to 25 percent as at today's date.

SBB has Sold its Entire Holding in Stenhus

Sweden Sweden — SBB has sold its entire holding in Stenhus Fastigheter, CEO Ilija Batljan wrote on Twitter on Tuesday afternoon.

Why it Is Important for SBB to Keep the High Divestment Rate

Nordic — Despite the divestments: SBB's loan-to-value ratio increased in the second quarter. Ilija Batljan, CEO, explains why, and how the strategy work going forward is affected by the increased inflation and interest rates.

SBB Makes Large Divestment to Northern Horizon

Sweden Sweden — SBB sells elderly care homes and project property at an agreed property value upon completion of SEK 1,382 million to Northern Horizon.

SBB to Exit JV with Kåpan

Sweden Sweden — SBB has sold equity linked loans for SEK 1,465 million with the intention of selling its JV share in Svenska Myndighetsbyggnader AB to Kåpan Pensioner.

SBB Sells Properties in Norway, Finland and Sweden

Nordic — Samhällsbyggnadsbolaget i Norden is selling seven properties in Norway, Finland and Sweden for an agreed property value of SEK 2,500m.

SBB Acquires Care Units in Finland

Finland Finland — Samhällsbyggnadsbolaget i Norden acquires five properties in Finland with a focus on the Helsinki metropolitan area with locations in Espoo and Vantaa.

Ilija Batljan Fires Back: “We Will Never Let Criminals Affect Our Company”

Nordic — After the commotion surrounding the short-seller report from Viceroy Research regarding SBB, CEO Ilija Batljan addressed the situation with strong words.

The Hedge Fund on SBB: “Un-Investable“

Sweden Sweden — Viceroy Research is short Samhällsbyggnadsbolaget (SBB) and listed debt instruments. SBB is a debt-fueled rollup of rent-controlled assets, the research group claims. CEO Ilija Batljan strikes back: “Rubbish.“

SBB Issues EUR 700M Floating Rate Notes in Social Format

Nordic — SBB successfully issues its first EUR 700 million social floating rate notes with a negative yield at issuance.

SBB Acquires Major Preschool Portfolio

Norway Norway — SBB acquires preschool portfolio in Norway from Norwegian Trygge Barnehager for 4,580 MNOK and signs long-term leases.

SBB Ready for European Expansion

Nordic — SBB has become a dominant force in Nordic real estate. Now they are ready to expand to the rest of Europe. CEO Ilija Batljan tells Nordic Property News what the next step is and when they look to have the first acquisition in hand.

SBB Sells Properties for SEK 10 Billion to Jointly Owned Company

Sweden Sweden — SBB sells government infrastructure properties for an agreed property value of SEK 10 billion to a jointly owned company (50/50) with Kåpan Occupational Pension Association.

SBB Ready to Increase Focus Outside of Sweden

Nordic — The coming year SBB will direct their focus away from Sweden and towards the other Nordic countries. CEO Ilija Batljan tells Nordic Property News why and what they look for in terms of new investments.

SBB and Newsec Extend Partnership

Nordic — The extended agreement between SBB and Newsec covers a five-year period in Sweden and three years in Finland.

SBB Signs Agreement with Sizes – Will Build 1,000 Apartments per Year

Sweden Sweden — SBB has entered into an agreement with the industrial apartment building manufacturer Sizes Works and the goal is for the volume from 2023 to amount to 1,000 apartments per year, 346 apartments have already been ordered.

SBB Buys Large Portfolio from Rikshem

Sweden Sweden — SBB acquires community service properties and rent regulated residentials in Stockholm, Västerås and Helsingborg for an agreed property value of a total of SEK 1.25 billion.

SBB Acquires 70 percent of the Shares in Unobo

Sweden Sweden — SBB acquires 70 per cent of the shares in the rent regulated residentials company Unobo from Riksbyggen for an agreed share price of SEK 2.064 billion.

SBB Acquires 20 Percent of the Shares in JM

Sweden Sweden — Samhällsbyggnadsbolaget i Norden has acquired 13,975,000 shares in JM at a price of SEK 326.30 per share from OBOS, corresponding to SEK 4.56 billion.

After the JM Acquisition – Here Is SBB's Extensive Real Estate Network

Sweden Sweden — SBB increases its real estate network by acquiring 20 percent of JM. Nordic Property News has looked into SBB’s holdings in real estate companies.

SBB to Double their Volume in Denmark

Denmark Denmark — SBB keeps increasing their position in the Nordics. Going forward they will grow their smalls market, Denmark, significantly. CEO Ilija Batljan tells Nordic Property News of SBB’s future plans for the Danish market.

How SBB Became One of Finland’s Leading Property Companies

Finland Finland — Ilija Batljan and his creation SBB entered Finland three years ago. Here is the Swedish giant’s Finnish journey.

SBB Controls Almost 97 Percent of the Shares in Offentliga Hus

Sweden Sweden — SBB extends the acceptance period for the mandatory public offer for the Swedish listed company.

SBB to Make Large Portfolio Divestment

Sweden Sweden — SBB has signed letter of intent regarding the sale of three property portfolios with an agreed property value of approximately SEK 2 billion.

SBB’s Nordic Real Estate Network

Nordic — Earlier this month SBB added a new real estate company holding to their portfolio with the acquisition of 20 percent in Heba. Nordic Property News has looked into SBB’s holdings in real estate companies.