SBB Buys Large Portfolio from Rikshem

Sweden Sweden — SBB acquires community service properties and rent regulated residentials in Stockholm, Västerås and Helsingborg for an agreed property value of a total of SEK 1.25 billion.

SBB Acquires 70 percent of the Shares in Unobo

Sweden Sweden — SBB acquires 70 per cent of the shares in the rent regulated residentials company Unobo from Riksbyggen for an agreed share price of SEK 2.064 billion.

SBB Acquires 20 Percent of the Shares in JM

Sweden Sweden — Samhällsbyggnadsbolaget i Norden has acquired 13,975,000 shares in JM at a price of SEK 326.30 per share from OBOS, corresponding to SEK 4.56 billion.

After the JM Acquisition – Here Is SBB's Extensive Real Estate Network

Sweden Sweden — SBB increases its real estate network by acquiring 20 percent of JM. Nordic Property News has looked into SBB’s holdings in real estate companies.

SBB to Double their Volume in Denmark

Denmark Denmark — SBB keeps increasing their position in the Nordics. Going forward they will grow their smalls market, Denmark, significantly. CEO Ilija Batljan tells Nordic Property News of SBB’s future plans for the Danish market.

How SBB Became One of Finland’s Leading Property Companies

Finland Finland — Ilija Batljan and his creation SBB entered Finland three years ago. Here is the Swedish giant’s Finnish journey.

SBB Controls Almost 97 Percent of the Shares in Offentliga Hus

Sweden Sweden — SBB extends the acceptance period for the mandatory public offer for the Swedish listed company.

SBB to Make Large Portfolio Divestment

Sweden Sweden — SBB has signed letter of intent regarding the sale of three property portfolios with an agreed property value of approximately SEK 2 billion.

SBB’s Nordic Real Estate Network

Nordic — Earlier this month SBB added a new real estate company holding to their portfolio with the acquisition of 20 percent in Heba. Nordic Property News has looked into SBB’s holdings in real estate companies.

SBB and Kåpan Pensioner Form JV

Sweden Sweden — SBB and Kåpan Pensioner form JV and invest in Hemvist to increase housing construction and continue to work for sustainable housing development.

SBB Makes Large Investment in Uppsala

Sweden Sweden — SBB has made the company's largest investment to date in Uppsala through the acquisition of police station.

SBB Buys Private School in Allerød

Denmark Denmark — The property at Sortemosevej 15 in Allerød, which now houses Allerød Private School, has been sold by Kongeegen A/S to the Swedish real estate company Samhällsbyggnadsbolaget (SBB), the Nordic region's leading real estate company in social infrastructure.

The Battle for Entra – From Start to Finish

Nordic — Not since Erling Braut Haaland was set to leave Red Bull Salzburg for a bigger European club has the interest been as high for a Norwegian player. A bidding war for the Entra shares broke out between Castellum and SBB – with Balder taking a corner position. After months of twists and turns both the Swedish giants withdrew their offers. Nordic Property News sets the timeline for the battle.

SBB in Discussions about New Nordic Portfolio Acquisition

Nordic — SBB keeps their transaction up. CEO Ilija Batljan tells Nordic Property News where the fast-growing company is in discussions of a new portfolio acquisition.

SBB Leaves Entra Bid – Castellum Increases Its Holding

Norway Norway — Castellum has acquired 2,298,504 shares in Entra. The other bidder, SBB, throws in the towel.

Ilija Batljan Increases Ownership in Swedish Giant

Sweden Sweden — Ilija Batljan’s SBB is in the midst of bidding on Norwegian Entra. But while SBB is trying to acquire the Norwegian jewel, Batljan himself is making his mark in another listed Swedish company.

SBB Increases Focus on Housing for the Elderly

Nordic — SBB intends to double the value of properties for housing for the elderly in the Nordic region within two years to approximately SEK 20 billion. In the current property portfolio, the Swedish tenants are 75 per cent public actors with an average lease period of just over seven years.

SBB Launches Enhanced Tender Offer to Acquire Entra

Norway Norway — SBB announces the launch of its revised tender offer to acquire all outstanding shares in Entra.

SBB Acquires Two Community Service Properties from Wallenstam

Sweden Sweden — Samhällsbyggnadsbolaget i Norden acquires two centrally located community service properties let to school operators from Wallenstam for an agreed total property value of MSEK 380.

SBB Acquires 54.3 percent of the Shares and Votes in Offentliga Hus

Sweden Sweden — SBB acquires 54.3 of the shares and votes in Offentliga Hus from Fastator. The total purchase price for all shares in the transaction amounts to SEK 2.139 billion.

SBB Withdraws from Entra Offer due to DD Process

Norway Norway — SBB has since the offer was made undertaken work in relation to the closing conditions set out in the offer.

“We Would Be One of the Largest Companies in Europe”

Norway Norway — Henrik Saxborn on the vision for the potential giant company, what changed during the day after the first terminated discussions with Entra, and how he views a possible bidding competition.

SBB Still on Track: Launches Voluntary Offer to Acquire Entra

Norway Norway — SBB launches voluntary offer to acquire Entra ASA to create the leading European social infrastructure player.

SBB Intends to Acquire Entra's Shares

Norway Norway — The board of directors of Entra informs that it has received interest that may or may not lead to an offer for the shares in the company.

SBB Acquires Properties in Skellefteå for SEK 1.3 Billion

Sweden Sweden — SBB has signed an agreement with Skellefteå's public housing company Skebo for the acquisition of Skebo's rent regulated residentials and community properties on Morö Backe at an agreed property value of approximately SEK 1.3 billion.