Roger Akelius: "Leiv is needed at SBB"

Sweden Sweden — For Nordic Property News, Akelius founder Roger Akelius comments on Friday's big bombshell in the real estate industry – that Ilija Batljan is resigning as CEO of SBB and will be replaced by Akelius CFO and Vice President Leiv Synnes.

Leiv Synnes replaces Ilija Batljan as CEO of SBB

Nordic — SBB replaces Ilija Batljan as CEO. Leiv Synnes, current CFO and Deputy CEO at Akelius, takes the helm at the company.

SBB Sells Shares in JM for SEK 2.8 billion

Sweden Sweden — SBB has sold 19 million shares in JM to Swedish and international investors. The transaction represents approximately 29.5 percent of the outstanding shares and votes in JM and was priced at SEK 148.10 per share, resulting in a total purchase price of approximately SEK 2.8 billion. The price per share corresponds to the closing share price in JM on Nasdaq Stockholm on 11 May 2023.

"The Worst Thing that Could Happen to Ilija Batljan"

Sweden Sweden — SBB's B-share had its worst day ever on the stock exchange and dropped more than 24 percent on Tuesday, a further deterioration after Monday's loss of just over 20 percent. The collapse in SBB also dragged the entire real estate sector with it, which fell by more than 4.5 percent. Aktiesparna's general counsel Sverre Linton tells Nordic Property News that SBB is an incredibly pressured company that now needs to find convincing solutions to resolve its refinancing. He also gives his view on Ilija Batljan's future in the company.

SBB Slaughtered on the Stock Market after Downgrade

Sweden Sweden — SBB's B share fell almost 20 percent on Monday, the second worst day for the stock ever, and the D share fell even more by over 26 percent during a blood-red day on the stock market for Ilija Batljan's real estate company. The sharp decline came after credit rating agency S&P downgraded SBB's credit rating to BB+, or "junk status", with a negative outlook. Read SBB's comment on the downgrade and parts of S&P's negative analysis.

The Three Paths' that SSB can Choose for Sveafastigheter

Sweden Sweden — At the end of February, SBB announced that it was investigating the possibility of listing the subsidiary Sveafastigheter - during last Friday's presentation of the Q1 report Ilija Batljan announced that there are two further choices the company can take regarding Sveafastigheter's future. SBB's CEO also comments on the continued sales ambition for 2023.

Increased Bonus for Batljan in 2022

Sweden Sweden — The CEO of SBB increased his basic salary last year and also received a bonus increase of almost 55 percent compared to 2021.

After the Major Clean-up in 2022 – These Are Batljan's Aims in 2023

Sweden Sweden — 2022 was a major clean-up year for SBB – everything was done to achieve a better balance sheet and reduce debt. That job does not end at the beginning of 2023, but Ilija Batljan also approaches the year with the hope of a thawed bond market and a continued collaboration with the Canadian investor Brookfield, which will stimulate growth for both players in Europe in the coming years.

Sleepless Batljan on Target with SBB's Divestment Plan

Sweden Sweden — Ilija Batljan has worked almost around the clock to complete the large structural deal with Brookfield that was presented on Wednesday morning. With the sale, which can bring in a total of 10.4 billion SEK to SBB, the company is finished with its divestment plan according to Ilija Batljan. Here he talks more about the big agreement and the effect it has on SBB's finances going forward.

Kåpan Exercises its Option and Buys SBB's Share in Svenska Myndighetsbyggnader

Sweden Sweden — Kåpan Pensioner today exercises its option and buys SBB's share in Svenska Myndighetsbyggnader AB and thereby becomes 100 percent owner of the company on 21 November 2022. In connection with the acquisition, Svenska Myndighetsbyggnader changes its name to Kåpan Fastigheter AB.

Ylva Sarby Westman Appointed CEO of SBB’s Subsidiary Amasten

Sweden Sweden — The Board of Samhällsbyggnadsbolaget i Norden’s subsidiary, Amasten Fastighets AB, has appointed Ylva Sarby Westman as CEO and she takes up her position effective immediately.

SBB Expecting Major Influx of Capital in Q4

Nordic — SBB is in the final sprint with regard to the divestment of the nine billion portfolio for which it signed a letter of intent at the beginning of September. In addition, additional sales of just over SEK 4.5 billion will be completed during the last quarter of the year, according to CEO Ilija Batljan. The SBB CEO comments on the significance of the large capital injection and how the company will continue to act in the market going forward.

SBB Wants to Increase Focus on Social Infrastructure Properties

Sweden Sweden — SBB is evaluating the possibility of distributing a residential company to the shareholders.

SBB's Sales Rally Set to Continue: "Best for Our Shareholders"

Sweden Sweden — SBB has sold for more than SEK 15 billion so far in 2022 and the time for divestments is not yet over. CEO Ilija Batljan tells Nordic Property News about the company's latest major sale, what the cash injection will be used for and how he views the financing market right now.

SBB Has Reduced Its Exposure to Floating Interest Rates

Sweden Sweden — SBB has reduced its exposure to floating interest rates from 35 percent at the end of the second quarter of 2022 to 25 percent as at today's date.

SBB has Sold its Entire Holding in Stenhus

Sweden Sweden — SBB has sold its entire holding in Stenhus Fastigheter, CEO Ilija Batljan wrote on Twitter on Tuesday afternoon.

Why it Is Important for SBB to Keep the High Divestment Rate

Nordic — Despite the divestments: SBB's loan-to-value ratio increased in the second quarter. Ilija Batljan, CEO, explains why, and how the strategy work going forward is affected by the increased inflation and interest rates.

SBB Makes Large Divestment to Northern Horizon

Sweden Sweden — SBB sells elderly care homes and project property at an agreed property value upon completion of SEK 1,382 million to Northern Horizon.

SBB to Exit JV with Kåpan

Sweden Sweden — SBB has sold equity linked loans for SEK 1,465 million with the intention of selling its JV share in Svenska Myndighetsbyggnader AB to Kåpan Pensioner.

SBB Sells Properties in Norway, Finland and Sweden

Nordic — Samhällsbyggnadsbolaget i Norden is selling seven properties in Norway, Finland and Sweden for an agreed property value of SEK 2,500m.

SBB Acquires Care Units in Finland

Finland Finland — Samhällsbyggnadsbolaget i Norden acquires five properties in Finland with a focus on the Helsinki metropolitan area with locations in Espoo and Vantaa.

Ilija Batljan Fires Back: “We Will Never Let Criminals Affect Our Company”

Nordic — After the commotion surrounding the short-seller report from Viceroy Research regarding SBB, CEO Ilija Batljan addressed the situation with strong words.

The Hedge Fund on SBB: “Un-Investable“

Sweden Sweden — Viceroy Research is short Samhällsbyggnadsbolaget (SBB) and listed debt instruments. SBB is a debt-fueled rollup of rent-controlled assets, the research group claims. CEO Ilija Batljan strikes back: “Rubbish.“

SBB Issues EUR 700M Floating Rate Notes in Social Format

Nordic — SBB successfully issues its first EUR 700 million social floating rate notes with a negative yield at issuance.

SBB Acquires Major Preschool Portfolio

Norway Norway — SBB acquires preschool portfolio in Norway from Norwegian Trygge Barnehager for 4,580 MNOK and signs long-term leases.