Ambitious Visions for Panattoni's New Danish CEO

Denmark Denmark — With Panattoni expanding their operations to Denmark they have also hired a new CEO to lead the charge and growth within the logistics segment in the country. Jacob Widahl is a man with great ambitions for the company's future in Denmark, here he tells Nordic Property News more about the steps they need to take to become a powerhouse in the logistics sector.

Panattoni Enters the Danish Market

Denmark Denmark — Panattoni, Europe's largest developer of logistics and industrial properties, expands into the Nordics after entering the Swedish market in 2021 and now establishing a new team in Denmark with Jacob Widahl as managing director.

Colliers: Here Are the Logistics Challenges in Denmark

Denmark Denmark — Jacob Widahl at Colliers Denmark on the Danish market of logistics properties; how to find plots, the demand from investors, and the increasing interest from global players.