Panattoni is one of the world's largest developers of logistics and industrial properties. After a quick and energetic start on the Swedish market that has meant large land acquisitions, an devoted organization and several approved building permits as well as construction starts around the country, the focus is now on Denmark.


"The Swedish real estate market for logistics is the single largest market in the Nordic region and the reason why we have chosen to establish ourselves here first. However, most of our customers see the entire Nordic region as a common market and therefore it is important that we also have a presence locally in Denmark, in order to enable an entire offer", says Fredrik Jagersjö Rosell, managing director of Panattoni Sweden.


In Denmark, the demand for modern industrial and logistics properties is high and last year the industry had a turnover of DKK 15 billion, which is a substantial increase from the previous year. Jacob Widahl, who has previously been at Colliers, is appointed managing director and will start up Panattoni's business in Denmark.

"I look forward to driving and being involved in the expansion of Panattoni. The fact that the company is privately held makes it agile with short processes for decisions. It is a very proactive company combined with great expertise in industrial development, which makes us competitive. Some of the world's largest brands are already customers of Panattoni and that of course makes it extra exciting", says Jacob Widahl.


Right now, there is a record low vacancy on logistics properties in Denmark, which has driven up prices in areas around Copenhagen and along the E45 and E20. But there are many interesting growing areas for Panattoni to explore, such as at Lolland-Falster with the upcoming Fehmern Belt tunnel.

"Land areas around the larger cities Odense, Aalborg, Herning and Hillerød are also relevant and something we will take a closer look at", Jacob concludes.