Ambitious Visions for Panattoni's New Danish CEO

Denmark Denmark — With Panattoni expanding their operations to Denmark they have also hired a new CEO to lead the charge and growth within the logistics segment in the country. Jacob Widahl is a man with great ambitions for the company's future in Denmark, here he tells Nordic Property News more about the steps they need to take to become a powerhouse in the logistics sector.

Panattoni Enters the Danish Market

Denmark Denmark — Panattoni, Europe's largest developer of logistics and industrial properties, expands into the Nordics after entering the Swedish market in 2021 and now establishing a new team in Denmark with Jacob Widahl as managing director.

Panattoni's Road to The Next Phase of Expansion

Nordic — Panattoni's journey in 2023 will consist of several developments at the same time. Partly all projects that are already under construction. At the same time as the first completed building in Enköping, Sweden, will be inaugurated in October. CEO Fredrik Jagersjö Rosell believes that even though they have set high targets for how much area they should produce per year, the economy will leave its mark on the company's progress in Sweden.

Panattoni Recruits Investment Controller from Newsec

Sweden Sweden — Panattoni strengthens its team with the appointment of Anna D Johansson as Investment Controller.

The Giant's Ambitions for the Swedish Logistics Market

Sweden Sweden — Global giant Panattoni entered Sweden late in 2021 and has already made investment of SEK 3 billion. CEO Fredrik Jagersjö Rosell shares his view of first period for Panattoni in Sweden, the challenges so far, and the growth ambitions for the market.

After the Massive Deal: This Is the Global Giant's Nordic Plans

Nordic — Fredrik Jagersjö Rosell, Managing Director Panattoni Sweden: “The ambition is to be number one in Sweden.”

Panattoni Completes Biggest Zoned Land Deal Ever in Sweden

Sweden Sweden — Panattoni, Europe’s largest deployer of institutional capital and developer in the industrial and logistics real estate sector, has completed the biggest zoned land deal ever done in the Swedish market with the SEK 3.1 billion (c. EUR 300 million) acquisition of seven sites.