Finnish giant predicts a sharp fall in house prices

Finland Finland — Finnish housing company Kojamo's total revenue landed at 112 million euros in the third quarter, which is an increase of 5.7 percent, while net rental income increased by 6.3 percent to 83.1 million euros compared to the same period last year, when the figure was 78 ,2. "Our business has developed as expected and our results are stable," says the company's CEO, Jani Nieminen.

Kojamo could lay off up to 80 employees

Finland Finland — In yesterdays Q2 report, Kojamo announced that they are launching a savings program with the aim of maintaining the company’s profitability. During the presentation of the report, CEO Jani Nieminen said among other things that the measures could lead to a maximum of 80 employees being laid off from the company.

Kojamo starts savings program

Finland Finland — Kojamo is launching a savings program in light of the fact that the uncertainty prevailing in the financial and housing markets poses a significant risk to the company's profitability. In the company's Q2 report total revenue increased by just over 8 percent, while profit before tax fell to EUR 72 million.

Kojamo Expects a Post-Covid Environment Shortly

Finland Finland — Jani Nieminen, CEO of Kojamo, on the H1 figures, the demand for rental residential units, and the listed giant’s forecast.

The Finnish Residential Market to Recover After the Pandemic

Finland Finland — Jani Nieminen, CEO of Kojamo: “Things will normalize soon; international players are here and will provide color to the Finnish market.”

“We Have Seen Quite Aggressive Yields”

Finland Finland — Kojamo’s CEO Jani Nieminen on the Q1 results, how the international players are affecting the Finnish transaction market, and the still ongoing impact of Covid-19 on the residential market.

The Hits Towards the Finnish Residential Market During the Pandemic

Finland Finland — Kojamo’s CEO, Jani Nieminen: “The occupancy rate will increase the late part of this year.”

Kojamo Is the Most Equal Listed Company in Finland

Finland Finland — Kojamo was ranked the best among Finnish listed companies in the EWoB Gender Diversity Index 2020 survey. According to the survey, Kojamo is the most equal in Finland and ranks 23rd at the European level.

Possible Residential Opportunities in Finland

Finland Finland — CEO Jani Nieminen: “The impact of Covid-19 has been limited with a situation in Finland that is relatively good compared to other countries.”

”We Have Been Able to Continue All Our Essential Operations”

Finland Finland — Just over six months have passed since the corona outbreak started to make an impact on the investment market across Europe. How has it affected the Nordic giants? Nordic Property News has spoken to some of the companies in the Nordics. Today: Jani Nieminen, CEO of the Finnish listed residential heavyweight, Kojamo.

Kojamo: A Possible Slowdown in Urbanization

Finland Finland — The Finnish listed residential company Kojamo’s CEO Jani Nieminen on the H1 results, and the lower occupancy rates.

Residential Plans for Kojamo and SRV: “Similar Deals in Pipeline”

Finland Finland — The listed construction company SRV’s CFO Ilkka Pitkänen and the listed residential company Kojamo’s CEO Jani Nieminen on the partnership in the major residential portfolio and why the parts fit well together.

Kojamo and SRV Agree on the Construction of 676 Apartments

Finland Finland — Kojamo and SRV have agreed on the construction of 676 apartments in the Helsinki metropolitan area.

Kojamo’s CEO: ”It Has Been a Lot of Interest in the Market”

Finland Finland — Jani Nieminen, CEO of the Finnish residential giant Kojamo, on the successful 2019, the new strategy and whether they were interested in the recent divested Ilmarinen portfolio.

The Main Challenges for the New Government

Finland Finland — Finland has a new government and a new prime minister. The listed residential company Kojamo’s CEO Jani Nieminen on the most important focus areas for Sanna Marin.

Residential Trends in Finland: How the Rental Market Will Be More Attractive

Finland Finland — Kojamo’s CEO Jani Nieminen: “All our regions are expected to grow – with increasing demands for new homes.”

“Digitalization Is an Important Part of our Strategy”

Finland Finland — Kojamo’s CEO Jani Nieminen on the appointment of Katri Harra-Salonen as new Chief Digital Officer, the importance of a CDO position in the management group and Kojamo’s digitalization investments.

Kojamo Appoints New CDO from Finnair

Finland Finland — Katri Harra-Salonen appointed as Chief Digital Officer (CDO) and a member of Management team at Kojamo.

CDO Leaves Kojamo

Finland Finland — Teemu Suila, a member of Kojamo plc’s management team since 2017, leaves Kojamo by mutual agreement.

Kojamo Has Agreed on the Construction of Over 900 Apartments

Finland Finland — Kojamo and Hausia have signed a co-operation agreement on construction of rental apartments worth approximately EUR 90 million in Espoo in Niittykumpu, Olari and Kirkkojärvi districts. The agreements will increase Kojamo’s offering in Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa and Kerava.

The Trends on the Finnish Real Estate Market

Finland Finland — Kojamo’s CEO Jani Nieminen on how developers need to tackle the urbanization, the future trends in Finland and the company’s new financial plan.

Finland's Government Resigns: Here Are the Possible Effects for the Real Estate Market

Finland Finland — Kojamo’s CEO Jani Nieminen on the political chaos in Finland where the government resigned last week and the most important questions in next month’s election.

“We Believe That the Volumes Will Stay on a High Level”

Finland Finland — Kojamo’s CEO Jani Nieminen tells Nordic Property News about the first year as a listed company and shares his view on the Finnish real estate market.

VVO Group Purchases 2,274 Rental Apartments

Finland Finland — VVO Kodit Oy, which is part of VVO Group, has acquired Icecapital Housing Fund II with 2,274 rental apartments.