“We strive for the best experts who at the same time renew our operations according to our value “Courage to change”. This has also contributed to gender equality. This recognition means that we have also succeeded in implementing our strategy from a management perspective. Diversity in management is part of our culture, it supports our productive performance and success,” says CEO Jani Nieminen.

In Kojamo, 63 per cent of the total staff and 54 per cent of the managers are women, which is exceptional in the field of housing investment.

“In our new sustainability programme, we have set ourselves the goal of creating a first-class employee experience through good management, investing in employee well-being and promoting equality and non-discrimination. Kojamo's recognition of being the best implementer of equality in Finland in 2020 in the EWoB Gender Diversity Index is a great indication of the realisation of sustainability goals in our daily lives,” says Hannamari Koivula, the Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Manager at Kojamo.

“Kojamo was the best Finnish company in the 2020 survey and is in a good position, 23/669, compared to other European companies. This is a great testament to the work of Kojamo’s employees in achieving equality in decision-making,” says Päivi Jokinen, Chairwoman of the EwoB.

Promoting equality and diversity is an essential part of Kojamo's corporate culture and sustainability work. Kojamo's human resources policy, internal and external operating methods, and management and operating models are based on equality.

Board Professionals BPF Finland ry, which promotes the diversity of board work and senior management, was involved in implementing the Europe-wide European Women on Boards (EWoB) Gender Diversity Index 2020 survey by studying 668 European listed companies. The survey examined how gender equality is achieved among boards, management and decision-makers in European companies. The survey involved 668 European listed companies, of which 17 were Finnish companies.