Kåpan Fastigheter's Plans after the Split from SBB

Sweden Sweden — Last week, Kåpan Pensioner acquired SBB's share in Svenska Myndighetsbyggnader and announced a name change to Kåpan Fastigheter. Cecilia Vestin, CEO of Kåpan Fastigheter, tells Nordic Property News about the ambitions as a wholly-owned Kåpan-company.

Kåpan Exercises its Option and Buys SBB's Share in Svenska Myndighetsbyggnader

Sweden Sweden — Kåpan Pensioner today exercises its option and buys SBB's share in Svenska Myndighetsbyggnader AB and thereby becomes 100 percent owner of the company on 21 November 2022. In connection with the acquisition, Svenska Myndighetsbyggnader changes its name to Kåpan Fastigheter AB.

SBB to Exit JV with Kåpan

Sweden Sweden — SBB has sold equity linked loans for SEK 1,465 million with the intention of selling its JV share in Svenska Myndighetsbyggnader AB to Kåpan Pensioner.

SBB Sells Properties for SEK 10 Billion to Jointly Owned Company

Sweden Sweden — SBB sells government infrastructure properties for an agreed property value of SEK 10 billion to a jointly owned company (50/50) with Kåpan Occupational Pension Association.

SBB and Kåpan Pensioner Form JV

Sweden Sweden — SBB and Kåpan Pensioner form JV and invest in Hemvist to increase housing construction and continue to work for sustainable housing development.