Mikael Rånes Named CEO in Amasten

Sweden Sweden — Mikael Rånes, who has been acting CEO since Jan-Erik Höjvall retired in 2020, has been named permanent CEO of Amasten.

SSM Will Buy Back Projects from JV Partner

Sweden Sweden — SSM will buy back the Järla Station and Metronomen joint venture projects from Partners Group. The transaction will be carried out during Q2 2021 at the latest and is expected to have a -23.4 MSEK impact on SSM’s cash flow.

Why SSM Changes its Residential Focus

Sweden Sweden — The housing developer SSM’s new CEO Mattias Lundgren on going from condominium apartments to rental projects. “The basic insight is that the core in the company is strong.”

Mattias Lundgren Named President & CEO of SSM

Sweden Sweden — Mattias Lundgren has been recruited as new President & CEO of SSM Holding, a position that he has held on an interim basis since June 2019. Mattias has 20 years of experience in the housing industry among other things as CFO and member of the NCC’s Executive Committee, Head of Global Development at Bonava as well as Head of Bonava’s Swedish operations and interim CFO at the listed property company Eastnine.

SSM Fires CEO Mattias Roos

Sweden Sweden — SSM has made a change of CEO and appointed Mattias Lundgren as interim CEO with immediate effect. At the same time, the current President & CEO Mattias Roos will leave all of his current assignments within the SSM Group. SSM’s Board of Directors has started the process of recruiting a new CEO.