Nyfosa Signs Lease with Chinese Company

Sweden Sweden — Nyfosa has signed a 12-year lease with Shenzhen Senior Technology Material, which is now making a major investment in Sweden by establishing a production facility in the battery industry. The company will initially lease 13,900 sqm in one of Nyfosa’s industrial properties in Eskilstuna, with the intention of expanding the production space to a total of approximately 70,000 sqm.

Nyfosa Divests Retail Property in Södertälje

Sweden Sweden — Nyfosa has signed an agreement to divest a property at an underlying value of MSEK 220 to Tingsön Fastigheter AB.

Despite Covid-19: How Nyfosa Has Kept the Transaction Pace

Sweden Sweden — Nyfosa has been this year number one on the Nordic transaction market, so far. Josephine Björkman, Head of Transactions, on why they continue to succeed, the next possible acquisition, and the challenges during the pandemic.

Nyfosa Divests Residential Properties to Heimstaden

Sweden Sweden — Nyfosa has signed an agreement with Heimstaden to divest two properties in Eskilstuna at an underlying property value of MSEK 445.

Nyfosa Purchases Two Properties in Hässleholm

Sweden Sweden — Nyfosa has acquired two properties comprising of logistics and warehouses situated in Hässleholm, at a value of MSEK 76. The properties complement Nyfosa’s current portfolio in the region and contributes with strong cash flows.

Nyfosa Acquires Retail Property

Sweden Sweden — Nyfosa has acquired a portfolio comprising of seven retail properties in the big box retail area Bråstorp in Motala at a total value of approximately MSEK 175.

Nyfosa Acquires Properties for SEK 2.5 Billion

Sweden Sweden — Nyfosa has acquired all properties and projects in Estea AB’s wholly owned subsidiary and investment fund Estea Sverigefastigheter 3 AB at a value of approximately SEK 2.5 billion. Approximately 60 percent of the portfolio is located in the Stockholm region.

Nyfosa Acquires in Örnsköldsvik

Sweden Sweden — Nyfosa has acquired an office property in Örnsköldsvik which complements Nyfosa's existing portfolio in the area with strong cash flows.

Nyfosa Signs Letter of Intent to Acquire Properties for SEK 1.1 Billion

Sweden Sweden — Nyfosa has signed a letter of intent with Galjaden Fastigheter AB to acquire a property portfolio primarily comprising properties for warehousing, industrial and wholesale operations, mainly located in high-growth municipalities in Sweden. The portfolio contributes with strong cash flows and continued growth.

Nyfosa Divests Logistics Portfolio for SEK 2.1 Billion to Blackstone

Sweden Sweden — Nyfosa has signed an agreement with real estate funds managed by Blackstone to divest a logistics portfolio for an approximate value of SEK 2.1 billion, in accordance with a previously announced letter of intent. With this divestment, Nyfosa is paving the way for new acquisitions with a focus on growing strong and stable cash flows.

Nyfosa Is on the Hunt for More Transactions

Sweden Sweden — Nyfosa continues to flex their muscles on the transaction side. The new Head of Transactions Josephine Björkman tells Nordic Properrty News about the market situation, Nyfosa's transaction focus and whether they might to the other Nordic countries.

Josephine Björkman Appointed New Head of Transactions at Nyfosa

Sweden Sweden — Nyfosa has recruited Josephine Björkman as its new Head of Transactions. She joined Group Management in April this year as Acting Head of Transactions. She will now assume the position permanently, effective immediately.

Nyfosa’s New CEO on the Future Expansion Plans

Sweden Sweden — Stina Lindh Hök succeeds Jens Engwall as listed property company Nyfosa's CEO: “Not my initial ambition."

Stina Lindh Hök Named New CEO of Nyfosa

Sweden Sweden — The Board of Nyfosa has appointed Stina Lindh Hök as new CEO of Nyfosa AB. She will replace Jens Engwall who has been the company’s CEO since the spin-off from Hemfosa in autumn 2018.

Nyfosa Sees a Relatively Good Activity in the Market

Sweden Sweden — "There is quite a lot to do. Everyone is waiting for something cheap. But at the same time, everyone has plenty of money", Nyfosas ceo Jens Engwall tells Nordic Property News.

Nyfosa Divests Properties at a Value of Approximately SEK 1 billion

Sweden Sweden — The properties that comprise a leasable area of around 78,000 square meters, primarily offices and warehouses, will be acquired by property company Regio.

SBB:s Big Sale of Properties to Nyfosa has Taken Place

Sweden Sweden — On 30 June 2020, Nyfosa announced that the financing condition had been resolved, and the Competition Authority has now announced a positive clearance.

Nyfosa Signs Letter of Intent to Divest a Large Logistics Portfolio

Sweden Sweden — The intention is to enter into a binding divestment agreement in September, 2020.

Financing Secured for Nyfosa’s SEK 4.9 billion Acquisition from SBB

Sweden Sweden — After seeing a transaction of SEK 8 billion with SBB fall through earlier this year, Nyfosa announces that financing is secured for the SEK 4.9 billion acquisition from SBB.

After the SEK 5 Billion Deal: Nyfosa Open for More Business

Sweden Sweden — Nyfosa’s COO Stina Lindh Hök on the blockbuster acquisition from SBB, and future investment targets.

New Nyfosa SBB Deal – SEK 4.9 Billion Acquisition for Nyfosa

Sweden Sweden — Earlier this year an announced SEK 8 billion transaction between Nyfosa and SBB was halted. Now the companies have struck a new deal where Nyfosa acquires properties for SEK 4.9 billion.

Nyfosa Divests a Retail Property

Sweden Sweden — Nyfosa has divested a retail property in central Linköping, Sweden, for a value of MSEK 139.

Nyfosa to Postpone Acquisition of Portfolios from SBB

Sweden Sweden — On January 17 Nyfosa signed a letter of intent with SBB regarding the acquisition of property portfolios with a total value of approximately SEK 8 billion. Nyfosa has decided to postpone this acquisition until further notice due to the changes in market conditions.

Nyfosa Presents New Financial Target and Dividend Policy

Sweden Sweden — Nyfosa has established a new financial target, a new dividend policy, and updated its business concept and vision. The basic premise is that the company will continue to create value and generate sustainable cash flows with transaction-based operations and an opportunistic approach.

Nyfosa Completes a Directed Issue of 6.46 Million Shares

Sweden Sweden — The board of directors of Nyfosa AB has, based on the authorization granted by the annual general meeting on May 9, 2019, resolved on a directed issue of 6,462,824 shares at a price of SEK 93 per share. The price has been determined through an accelerated book building procedure.